October 15, 2021
From Our Pastor
Seek the welfare of the city, and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its welfare is your own (Jeremiah 29:7) is the biblical imperative expressed by the phrase "good will for the common good."

Over the last several months we have put a spotlight on several aspects of common good justice:
  • Human trafficking and sexual exploitation of girls
  • Domestic violence against women
  • Pride and issues around inclusion/representation of LGBTQIA+folks
  • Mental health concerns
  • Public Education
  • Global hunger/global disasters/global political oppression (Myanmar)
  • Climate Change

Critics of progressive churches such as ours argue that an obsession with "cancel culture" and "virtue signaling" has diluted, no---make that obliterate--- the spiritual gospel. Angry anonymous messages left on my church voicemail from folks in disbelief that a church would sully itself by seeking justice for women, immigrants, poor people, BLM, gays and lesbians and transgendered, school children, and so many others. If justice is what love looks like in public (Cornell West) then our pursuit of it in the public square is a spiritual endeavor.

I'm sure you've noticed that the people who decry churches squarely addressing issues of justice, equality, and fairness, are ones who benefit from the systems designed to favor them (in other news, "Water is wet"!).
Patriarchy, for example, is so pervasive and so
thoroughly engrained in the culture that even to call it out into the light of day is to be labeled anti-male and anti-American.

Similarly, exposing white supremacy, 'Christian nationalism', homophobia, results in white, 'Christian' bigots crying foul and doubling down on extremist views. 

Now to be sure everyone is free to have any outrageous opinion on anything (political/religious/economic). But religious pluralism isn't going away; women will no longer tolerate misogynistic rhetoric and behavior, as well as systemic and structural male privilege; gay folks aren't going back into the closest accepting continued discrimination; and black and brown citizens will no longer accept violent racism and murderous policies. All of that seems very spiritual to me. 

These stanzas from the hymn All Who Love and Serve Your City underscore that Jeremiah scripture that begin this column:

All who love and serve your city,
all who bear its daily stress,
all who cry for peace and justice, all who curse and all who bless.

Risen Lord! Shall yet the city be the city of despair?
Come today, our Joy, our Glory:
be its name, "The Lord is there.'

I hope to see you this Sunday in the sanctuary for worship (weather forecast looks too wet and cool). Also, the Sunday school class I facilitate, Living the Questions, begins a new series of video/discussion and I would welcome more of you to join either in person (fellowship hall) or by Zoom.

With much affection for you,
Your Pastor
This Sunday at Binkley
October 17
Sunday School
9:30 am
Coming Up in Sunday School...
Join Collins Kilburn for five-week Sunday School class on two Baptist saints,
Martin Luther King, Jr., and John Lewis, on October 24! More info here.

FYI: Susan Ketchin and Charles Coble's class on Old Time Music has been rescheduled to begin in January.
11 am, Sanctuary

We will worship indoors this Sunday due to expected low temperatures.

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  • The service will be livestreamed on our website, Facebook, and YouTube for those who cannot attend. Details on accessing the livestream can be found below.
If you will not be able to join us in person, we will livestream the service at 11 am on our website, Facebook, and YouTube. You choose which platform works best for you. Going forward, we will not be resending this link on Sunday mornings, so be sure to bookmark the link in your web browser. After the livestream has ended, you can view the service at your leisure on Facebook or YouTube.
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Millennials and the Changing Church
The Wednesday Night Program for October 20th on millennials and the church has been rescheduled for November 10th. We'll enjoy a conversation with a dynamic Episcoplian minister, Lizzie McManus!
A Day in Community with Binkley
October 23
Join us for all or part of the day

Bolin Creek Clean-Up
9 – 10:30 am
Gather at the Chapel Hill Community Center
120 S. Estes Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27514
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Black Lives Matter Vigil
12 noon-1 pm
Join members of the Binkley Community for our monthly vigil to remember and honor those who have lost their lives due to police brutality. Questions? Contact Dick Clifford.

Hot Dog Lunch
1 pm-2 pm
With music from the Old Time Gospel Band!
Binkley Pumpkin Patch
10 am – 6 pm
Memorial Services

The memorial service for Jim Tippett will be premiered on our YouTube channel on Saturday, October 23 at 11 am. A link will be sent to our Members and Friends mailing list the morning of the service.

The memorial service for Marcella Wagoner will be held on Saturday, October 23 at 3 pm in the Sanctuary.
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Friends of Binkley Book Club
  • You are invited to join a new non-fiction book discussion group focusing on critical issues of our time.
  • Meet twice monthly via Zoom on Tuesdays at 12 pm beginning November 16.
  • First titles: Reconstructing the Gospel: Finding Freedom from Slaveholder Religion by Jonathan Wilson-Hargrove and White Too Long by Robert Jones.
  • Click here for more details or contact Diana Coble for more information.
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