May 24, 2019
This Sunday at Binkley
May 26, 2019
11:00 am, Sanctuary
From Our Pastor
Scattershooting is defined as  " denoting something that is broad but random and haphazard in its range"

The now defunct Dallas Times Herald was an afternoon daily newspaper that featured a terrific sportswriter by the name of Blackie Sherrod. His Sunday column always began with the words,  "Scattershooting and wondering whatever happened to..."   Then in paragraph form, or sometimes just one sentence would query about a certain athlete, game, or event from the past. However in his own inimitable way that recollection from the past almost always had connection to the contemporary.

Scattershooting... and wondering whatever happened to...

** Teaching civics.  My ninth grade civics teacher Mr. Horne, were he alive, would not recognize American democracy and would lament the lack of basic knowledge by elected leaders, Three, count em three, branches comprise the United Sates government. Perhaps Senators could at least watch the video below to learn the basics:
*** Critical Thinking.  To analyze a thing and debate its merits, consequences (intended and otherwise), to wrestle with materials and to think something through toward reflective judgment seems a lost art.
The asking of questions in the pursuit of knowledge, facts, truth---what happened? The tendency to rush to immediate critique of any and all things has become an Olympic sport. The tyranny of the urgent makes mince-meat of the reflective and thoughtful, often nuanced, opinion and/or decision. 

*** Newspapers.  Hundreds of city newspapers die each year though digital and on-line versions are in operation. The paper in newspaper may go away, insist industry stalwarts, but the news will remain. "Paper is dying," said Nick Bilton, a technologist for The New York Times, "but it's just a device." Same with all previous methods of communication and entertainment. Who still plays a 78 record on their Victrola? Forms and outlets change but the music goes on. Websites have become the starting place for most of us in finding something or do you still thumb through the Yellow Pages? Do you still take the highlighter to the road atlas or is Google Maps the way you journey now?

*** Discernment.  You were wondering, weren't you, when I would get all theological on you, right? In the Christian tradition discernment is the practiced art of teasing out, through varied means and methods, values and principles that assist an individual or community in being led to a decision(s). Discernment may include vote-taking, consensus building work, discussion groups, and, if all else fails, prayer! Just kidding---prayer is an essential first-step in moving toward ecclesiastical decision-making. The Wesleyan methodology or quadrilateral of Scripture, Tradition, Reason, and Christian experience may be a helpful tool for some.The Quakers call together a "Clearness Committee" for the purposes of seeing their way clear with an endeavor.

Scattershooting and wondering if we all will know the beauty of honoring the traditions of the past as we simultaneously embrace the brilliant inevitability of change and adaptation.

I hope to see you this Sunday. Acts 16 is the text for a sermon on "Envisioning Faith Anew."

With affection for you,
The Binkley 411
Men of Binkley
Saturday, Jun. 1, 8 am, Sunroom
The Men of Binkley invite you to come hear from Darrell Adams, the Co-Founder and Executive Director of MedWater, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that partners with communities and relevant agencies to improve the Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) in the extremely poor communities in Napo Province of Ecuador in South America. Darrell visited Binkley earlier this year, sharing his musical gifts with us during our Epiphany Coffee House and in worship on January 6.
We will be picking up some Sunrise egg biscuits, so send a quick email to Larry McManus or Charles Coble to let us know how many to order. But, come, even if you decide at the last minute!
June 1, 3:30 pm-6 pm, Peace Plaza

 All ages are welcome to Binkley Church to celebrate the
end of the school year. There will be a bouncy house, water play, games, hot dogs, and ice cream served on the Peace Plaza. $5 per person ($20 family limit). RSVP to by May 30.

Volunteers are needed to grill hot dogs, lead games, etc. Please contact Stephanie Ford if you can help.
Early Worship Leadership Opportunities
Early Worship, which meets on Sunday mornings in the summer (9:45-10:30 am), has given us a chance to worship with new eyes, ears and voices over the past 6 years. Now we need your creative presence to move us forward in 2019. You are invited to join us for Early Worship planning on June 2 at 9:45 am in the Lounge. Coffee, juice and snacks await all attendees. If you have never led worship please fear not, many will encourage and support you. An individual, family or any grouping can claim a Sunday. Working and planning together creatively will give us a chance to fully engage with the 9:45 - 10:30 am worship opportunities which will begin on June 9. Contact Dale or Stephanie if you plan to attend or for more info.
Sunday, Jun. 2, Post-worship, Sanctuary:
All Binkley members are encouraged to participate in this brief meeting to approve Joe Templeton as our Moderator-Elect.
Surprised by Joy:
The Shape of My Early Life
Wednesdays, June 5-19, 12 pm, Lounge
Join Stephanie Ford for three noon meetings, Wednesdays in the Lounge (June 5, 12, and 19) as we together reflect on C.S. Lewis’ autobiography of faith and conversion to Christianity. As we interact with Lewis’ journey, we will consider on our own path of faith (and our unique perspectives). Video clips will add to our conversation. Bring your own lunch; beverage and dessert provided. RSVP to Stephanie at .

This book study is part of “A C.S. Lewis Summer” at Binkley--stay tuned for details as we develop plans for more book groups and a movie night!
May Challenge
Baker's Dozen:
 Personal/Family Sustainability Proclamations
  Our May Challenge is for each member or friend of Binkley to craft a Personal and/or Family Proclamation of Sustainability that can help guide your actions regarding Earth Care, especially as the time for vacations and travel is
approaching. Only if we are mindful of our daily decisions can we live in greater harmony with Mother Earth.
At a Wednesday Night dinner in the Fall, we will be asking individual and family volunteers to share their Proclamations.

You can read Binkley's Proclamation of Sustainability here .
Blood Drive Success
Health Ministries sponsored an American Red Cross blood drive at Binkley on May 9. We received 22 units of blood which could help save 66 people. Thank you to everyone who volunteered and donated.
Our Wider Community
Click the links below for more information on each event.
Monday, May 27, 3-4:30 pm,  Chapel Hill Public Library
“Resistance! to Torture and to War Making”

Tuesday, June 11, 7 pm, Pullen MBC, Raleigh
NC Interfaith Power & Light along with Interfaith Creation Care of the Triangle and Pullen MBC will co-host the evening's program.

June 21-23, Virginia Beach, VA

Peace in Our Land: Toward a World Without Violence
July 15-20, 2019, Cali, Colombia

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