August 9, 2019
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August 11, 2019
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From Our Pastor
Today I give this space over to my long-time friend, Kyle Childress, pastor at Austin Heights Baptist Church in Nacogdoches,Texas. He writes in a column this week for the Alliance of Baptists entitled, "What Do We Say?" :

What Do We Say?

 What do we say after El Paso and Dayton? What do we do? Each morning I get up and check to see if we’re in another war or if there’s been another mass shooting. Last Sunday I got up to the news of two mass shootings. May God comfort those in grief. May God have mercy on us and who we’re becoming. 

Many years ago, when she was a young associate pastor and I was a younger intern, I watched Nancy Hastings Sehested cry in her sermon. After the sermon someone confronted her saying that she shouldn’t be crying in the pulpit. A few weeks later in another sermon, Nancy said, “There are some things worth crying over.” Indeed there are and mass shootings are at the top of the list. Unlike the line in the movie A League of Their Own, “There’s no crying in baseball,” there is crying in church. At least there should be. So what do we do? We cry, we lament, we weep with those who weep. 

And we get mad. We get angry but we must be careful. There are good reasons why anger is one of the seven deadly sins and if we’re not careful we end up becoming part of widespread anger and resentment, which turns to the hatred so pervasive around us. Nevertheless, just like there are some things worth crying over there are some things worth getting mad over and the two are often related: we weep and get angry about things we love. When we see persons’ lives, especially children’s, taken and destroyed in mass shootings, we cry but we also are angry that it happens, and we feel helpless to do anything. Worse, we are angry that those officials in power refuse to do anything. 

So we organize. We hold vigils, we march, we demonstrate, and we vote and register others, so they’ll vote. We organize all of our shut-ins, buy them stacks of postcards and stamps, and encourage them to write to our elected officials every single day – every day – over their refusal, their fear, and their entrapment to the power of guns and the gun lobby. Every day. And every day we pray over those postcards and every day we pray for the public officials to do the right thing.
Bill Moyers remembers overhearing President Lyndon Johnson talking on the phone with Dr. Martin Luther King and Johnson trying to talk King out of marching from Selma to Montgomery because Johnson feared it would alienate Southern moderates. But LBJ listened to King and after a while said, “Dr. King you’ve convinced me. You go out there and make it possible for me to do the right thing.” Every day we pray and act in ways that help change public opinion, so it is more possible for elected officials to do the right thing. Did I say every day? 

Praying every single day is part and parcel of the main thing we do. We immerse ourselves in the God we know in Jesus Christ. This is not simply a public policy debate. Guns and mass shootings are about idolatry and the power of death. William Stringfellow said that only as we immerse ourselves in God, the God of the resurrected life, can we hope to resist the power of death. This is also why I rarely get into discussions about the Second Amendment, but I talk a lot about the second commandment. And Jesus. What do we say and do? We weep, we get mad, we organize, and most importantly we immerse ourselves in Christ Jesus. Every day.  

**  Here are two links from ministry partners related to action on gun violence NC Council of Churches and Faith in Public Life . Also, our own Jeff Swanson has appeared in several media outlets in recent days with his remarkable insights. I share them with you. Why addressing mental illness isn’t enough to reduce gun violence, Duke professor: If all states had red-flag laws, 'logically' it would stop at least one shooter, and Lawmakers attempt to move gun safety bills at the statehouse .

*** This Sunday I am pleased to welcome Greg Jarrell to the pulpit on Jazz Sunday. Here's a link for excerpts from his book  A Riff of Love.   Copies of the book will be on sale Sunday for $15.00. He and his wife Helms live in Charlotte with their sons John Tyson and Zeb. He and Helms are co-founders of QC Family Tree . Click the link to learn more of the work done there in Enderly Park; you'll be impressed and inspired. Greg is also a jazz saxophone player and will both preach and play! It will be a joy to introduce him to you on Sunday. 

I look forward to seeing you either at the Bulls game on Saturday or at church on Sunday. I love you all.

With much affection,
Your Pastor,
Marcus McFaul
The Binkley 411
Binkley Night at Durham Bulls
Saturday, August 10, Durham Bulls Athletic Park

For those who purchased tickets*, we will see you tomorrow night at the ball game!

For those who want to sing the national anthem, meet at Binkley at 5 pm for a short rehearsal; we'll carpool to the ball park from there.

Picnic supper is available beginning at 6 pm; game starts at 6:35 pm.

*We have two tickets available on a first come, first served basis ($20 each). Contact Marcus if you want to claim them.
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Wednesday, August 14, 6-8 pm, Vimala's Curryblossom Cafe
Join EENP - and some adorable puppies! - to enjoy a delicious buffet dinner of authentic South Indian cuisine while supporting EENP!
We will be sending off our newest litter of puppies as they transition to the next step in their journey to become assistance dogs. The litter will be moving into prison the next day!

Renowned Al’s Burger Shack is teaming up with Dr Linnea Smith, Louise Coggins , and Lift Up the Vulnerable (LUV) every Tuesday through September with a LUV Burger : burger, Muenster cheese, lettuce, tomato, fennel onion jam. A LUV Burger is more than just a taste sensation; with every delicious purchase a portion of the proceeds will help Lift Up the Vulnerable end human trafficking in warzones. Learn more .

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