April 19, 2019
This Sunday at Binkley
Easter Sunday
April 21, 2019
Sunrise Service
6:30 am, St. Francis Courtyard
Led by Dale Osborne
Easter Breakfast
9:45 am, Fellowship Hall

11:00 am, Sanctuary
Prelude begins at 10:45 am
Marcus McFaul preaching
Easter Egg Hunt
12:15 pm, Playground
From Our Pastor
Friday, Saturday , Sunday.

Friday, the day of suffering unto death.
Sunday, the day of resurrection and new life.

Saturday? What about Saturday? The space between death and new life is a strange thing. If the weather is nice tomorrow you may likely work in the yard, take a bike ride, or clean-out the garage. Rain or shine you might take advantage of Easter sales at your favorite store. There will be no service here at Binkley. We have liturgies for Ash Wednesday, all of Lenten Sundays, Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and to be sure, Easter. Nothing on Saturday.

What will you do tomorrow? How does one observe the "thin place" of silent Saturday, the day death endures? A friend of mine observed that just as a middle child can feel forgotten birthed between older and younger siblings, so too the middle day between Good Friday and Easter gets ignored. As John O'Donahue once wrote about the interim time, " the old is not old enough to have died away; the new is still too young to be born."  A chasm of nothingness? Perhaps so. 

Devon Miller-Dugan has written of this day in her poem "Holy Saturday":

With the day no longer vigil 
And the sky no longer confusion—
He is certain flesh, certain in the tomb— 
We busy our hands with flower knives, 
With flowers enough to wake the dead, 
With the churching of flowers. 
We slash the stems to make them drink, 
Stand them one against another, vein-deep 
In whatever false earth holds them up to us, 
Unfallen petals open to the breaking dawn, 
The incense and the spices of the buried flesh. 
Lilies splayed like hands or stars, and baby’s breath, 
Carnations on their brittle stems, 
All bloom and die and bloom for us— 
We’ve gathered them to mark the gift we took the day before. 
Create in me a heart unfurling and as delicate as petals. Create in me a green heart, startling and startled as the first leaves.
This is the bearable day 
Between flesh and intention.
Our hands have turned from death to decoration.
This is the day we are given to preparation,
We are cutting the dead stock away from the branch
That it will sprout again, that its tender shoots will not cease
Though its root may grow old in the earth,
So will I fall away, so will I die, so will I hand back the gift again,
Again, again, so will I die down to my human root. So will
The season turn again to ash and altars.
What blossoms from the root consumes the ground it blossoms from.

So, Binkleyites, pause tomorrow and remember to prepare...go busy your hands to cut or purchase some flowers for the Easter cross (last year's cross was pretty bleak and barren). Let's all bring enough to wake the dead.
I'll be thinking of you tomorrow...and hope to see you on Easter day.
With much affection,

A direct and compelling headline
Sunday, April 21, 9:45 am, Fellowship Hall
It's one of the highlights of the Binkley year. Please bring your Easter joy and goodies to share. We will welcome contributions of fruit, breads or the delicious Binkley Breakfast Casserole (Click here for the recipe). Please let us know what you plan to bring by emailing Lillian Lee: lilweslee@yahoo.com.

Don't forget to bring fresh flowers to decorate the cross!
The church office will be closed on Monday, April 22. Happy Easter!
Binkley Golf Open
Tuesday, April 23, 9:30 am
Southwick Golf Course
The Occasional Binkley Spring Open is upon us! We will gather at 9:30 for team selection. The first tee time is 10:00 AM. The Open format is Captain’s Choice with randomly selected teams competing for a Binkley Open Trophy specially crafted by Fred Schroeder. This fun filled and mildly competitive golf outing features a fun day in the sun, friendly companionship, golfer friendly “rules,” and a few prizes. Most importantly, FUN is the name of the game for this outing for all Binkley members and friends.
The Open fee of $30 includes green fees, cart and a hot dog and drink at the turn. Checks should be made out to Joe Clontz and can be paid at the Tournament. Information, registration and directions are available from Joe Clontz (919-969-4517) Registration deadline is Sunday, April 21. Join us for fun!
Saturday, Apr. 27, 1-2:30 pm, Lounge: 
This is a group for women looking for a place that’s safe to voice your personal thoughts and experiences about sexism and patriarchy at Binkley, and who would like to help transform Binkley into a place of equality and mutual respect for women.  After our last meeting, the attendees decided that the first step for us was to read the full Reference Team Report, in which our consultant, David Brubaker, states: “I would urge more conversations about power and gender in your congregation. As in the broader society, Binkley has not yet achieved full equality between women and men.” (November 2018). You can find the Reference Team report here . Our next steps will be to move forward to make policy changes around gender equality and power at Binkley. We believe it is time.  #ChurchToo.  Please come! We need your voices, experiences, ideas, suggestions for change, and leadership. Please feel free to speak to any of us if you’d like more information.  ~Linda Bourne, April Kemper, Caryl Price, Susan Rogers
Save the Date
April 27 Community Cleanup
At the 2018 Earth Day services Earth Ministries announced that it would issue a year ofmonthly “Challenges.” They ranged from The Ugly Mugs of May to Creating a Sustainable Christmas and many more. The Challenges were designed to increase the awareness and engagement of the entire congregation to Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Reclaim everything possible.
The 12th and final Challenge is to engage in a multigenerational Community Cleanup in and around the grounds of Binkley Church and the neighborhood nearby Binkley.

In honor of Earth Day, we need YOU for a Binkley Campus and Beyond Clean-Up gathering on Saturday morning,  April 27, 9-11:30 am.  After bagels, coffee and juice, we'll divide into teams and head out to predetermined areas on the church grounds or surrounding neighborhoods. All ages are invited, 4-104! Come as a family or come alone! Shoes matter and bring some gloves – though we have some extra ones if needed. Let's have fun and show the Earth our loving care. Sign-up begins this Sunday in the Narthex. Thanks from the Earth Ministries Team!
Bring lawn chairs, blankets and your lunch!
Deacon Elections
On April 28, we will elect new deacons to take office in May. A list of Binkley members eligible to serve as new deacons is currently posted in the narthex. Please prayerfully consider leaving your name on the list of possible nominees this year. If you feel you are not able to serve as a deacon at this time, please mark your name off this list or notify Stephenie Sanders in the church office by April 22 . The names remaining will become the nominees on the ballot on April 28. 

Click here for more information on what it means to be a Deacon. 
In the Light of Self-Compassion: Women’s Retreat
May 3-5, 2019 – Salter Path, NC 
Registration Deadline: April 24
Click here to register
Join Binkley women (and invite friends) for a weekend to renew body and spirit at the beach. We’ll consider practices of self-care physically, spiritually and mentally. Laughter is sure to be on the menu. The Trinity Center is our host, and May is a lovely time to be at the seaside. Registration forms are available at Stephanie Ford’s door and online
March Madness Challenge Winner
Ed Davis emerged at the 2019 winner of the Binkley Crazies March Madness Basketball Challenge. 2018 winner, Jerry VanSant handed off the Binkley Basketball to Ed. The trophy ball is singed by Jerry and the 2017 winner, Joe Clontz. Congratulations to Ed and to all 14 men and women who participated in this year’s challenge!
Larry McManus and Charles Coble
Men of Binkley
The Yard Sale is Coming!
August 17
The August 17 Binkley-Barbee’s Yard Sale is fast approaching. While you are spring cleaning, or even if you're not, it is time to put aside things you can live without. If you're moving or downsizing and have furniture to donate call Larry Neilsen at  919-967-3572 . (Just give him at least at week's notice to arrange for pick up and storage.) Other times of need: books, toys, games, DVDs, garden supplies and plants (start cuttings now), sporting goods, clothing (men's, women's, children's), electronics, kitchen ware, accessories, small appliances, and collectibles. 
And don't worry, if you want to donate something that doesn't fit those categories—it's obviously a White Elephant!

Sue Wallace , Yard Sale Chair

We Need Your Suggestions for Yard Sale
Proceed Recipients
The proceeds of the Yard Sale are dedicated 100% to Outreach, and the recipients of the proceeds are determined by the Outreach Committee. Although the Yard Sale is months away, it is not too early to begin this consideration. Determining the recipients well in advance of the sale would aid in the preparation of publicity materials and generate even more enthusiasm around this colossal event. Please contact Roal Carlson or Sheryl Scrimsher , Outreach Co-Chairs, with your nominations by May 5, who will supply you with application materials.
The Binkley Peace and Justice Action Group is pleased to report that the Orange County Bail Bond Justice Project is off to a strong start. Click here to read about key actions in the 1st quarter (January-March 2019) and next steps.
Our Wider Community
Click the links below for more information on each event.
Thu, April 25, 8:30am-4:30pm, United Church of Chapel Hill
Annual meeting of agencies, farmworker organizations and activists dedicated to improving the lives of farmworkers and their families (part of Binkley’s Christmas Eve offering was contributed to hurricane relief of farmworkers).

Saturday, April 27, 12:00 - 3:30pm,
The Festival is sponsored by the Marian Jackson Center for Saving and Making History whose mission is to honor, renew, and build community in the historic Northside and Pine Knolls area. If you would like to help publicize the Northside Festival, please contact Sheryl Scrimsher. More info: https://jacksoncenter.info/

Friday, Apr. 26-Sunday, Apr. 28. Calvary Baptist Church, Wash. DC Theme: What is Liberty Without Liberation? Visit allianceofbaptists.org for details and registration.

April 29-May 2, Baltimore, MD

June 21-23, Virginia Beach, VA

Peace in Our Land: Toward a World Without Violence
July 15-20, 2019, Cali, Colombia

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