May 3, 2019
This Sunday at Binkley
May 5, 2019
Morning Celebration
9:00 am, Lounge

Sunday School
9:30 am

11:00 am, Sanctuary
Marcus McFaul preaching
From Our Pastor
Sunday's attendance may be scarce. Between the Youth retreat and the Women's retreat about 50 of our Binkley family will be away from Chapel Hill...but not away from church because where two or three are gathered, don't you know!

We pray for all who retreat and rest, learn and laugh, think/feel/resolve, in community with trusted Pastors, and sisters and brothers in the faith. Retreat safely and well everyone!

Concepts of scarcity thinking and discovery of abundance have been repeated themes the last several years around here. At the heart of such thought is the idea that we are given the necessary provisions for the day (think "daily" bread). This means that rather than sulking or stewing about what we lack in life instead we celebrate who/what is among us. Some will say that such thinking is wishful or naive and doesn't call on us to move forward with goals and plans. But I don't see those two ideas in conflict. Appreciation and gratitude for what is present  in the present  isn't at the expense of dreaming for the future.

Scarcity thinking is rooted in a "there'll never be enough" or "it'll never be like it was in..." mindset. Discovery of abundance is an invitation to look and see the height, depth, and expansiveness of God's good grace and graces all around. It doesn't get mired in comparisons or nostalgic romanticism.
The late, great John Claypool told the tale of visiting two parishioners in the hospital back to back. The first one complained about everything: the bed was too hard, the sheets too scratchy, inconsiderate staff, then lamented having to eat a soft diet because of the loss of teeth. Claypool left the room depressed and took that experience into the next visit down the hall. Upon finding this church-member he began to comment on the all the things that were fresh on his mind;  "I bet that bed is hard...isn't the staff noisy?...I reckon you hate that soft diet of bad hospital food ." But to his delight the member said, " No, the bed suits me just fine, I enjoy the company of the nurses coming in and out, and well, I just have two teeth left but thank the Lord, they hit!"

C.S. Lewis remarked that every seat gives the best view of something. May we "taste and see the Lord is good," this day. I stand corrected; Sunday's attendance (whatever the number count) will be abundant. The risen Christ meets us at table just as he did by the sea with more than enough. The sermon this week is entitled "Easter Epilogue: The First Breakfast" drawn from John 21:1-19. If you're in town this week I hope to see you in worship. A reception in the narthex follows worship as we say goodbye to Austin Maynor after six outstanding months of ministry to our college community.

With much affection for you,
The Binkley 411
Men of Binkley
Saturday, May 4, 8 am, The Egg & I
The May gathering of the Men of Binkley will be Saturday, May 4 at The Egg & I , 8:00-9:30 a.m. All Binkley men and friends are welcome.
Adult Sunday School Classes
9:30 am
Join us on Sunday morning, May 5, 9:30-10:30 for an adult Sunday School class. There are a variety of opportunities to choose from, and each class is open to newcomers!

Mindful   Parenting,  Lounge:  Each week, the group discusses ideas about parenting from current resources. The simple format includes the following: prayer, brief check-in, summary of the book or article being shared, and a discussion on prepared questions. We welcome novice and experienced parents alike looking to share laughter, support, and hope in the journey of parenting. 

Finding Myself on a Journey , Chapel:  Meredith Bratcher guides this Bible-based experiential learning and life reflection class. This Sunday, the passage to be considered is   John 21:1-19.

It’s Not Just One Way , Room 17:  Each week in this class, an individual or couple shares their spiritual journey with the group.

English as a Second Language and Christianity , Room 18:  Bo Lloyd leads the class in an engaging study of Christian faith, while also helping participants improve English vocabulary and fluency.
Sundays, May 5-26, 9:45 am, Library
An Inquirer’s Class Opportunity for those interested in learning about the mission and ministries of our church. Facilitated by Senior Minister Dr. Marcus McFaul, these sessions are designed especially for those who are interested in joining by membership. May 5, 12, 19, and 26 during the Sunday School hour (9:45-10:30 am in the Library).
Wednesday Night Series
May 8, 5:30 pm, Fellowship Hall
Program: God in Southern Story and Song
Susan Ketchin, Author of The Christ Haunted Landscape: Faith and Doubt in Southern Fiction , as well as award-winning songwriter and recording artist, will bring her vibrant, poetic stylings to engage us in narrative and song. Join us to hear this creative and inspiring public speaker, performer, life-long teacher, and new Binkley member! Check ‘Event’ in the Friendship Register or let the office know you are coming by noon on Monday, May 6. Dinner is $7 for adults, $4 for children.
The Yard Sale is Coming!
August 17
The August 17 Binkley-Barbee’s Yard Sale is fast approaching. While you are spring cleaning, or even if you're not, it is time to put aside things you can live without. If you're moving or downsizing and have furniture to donate call Larry Neilsen at  919-967-3572 . (Just give him at least at week's notice to arrange for pick up and storage.) Other times of need: books, toys, games, DVDs, garden supplies and plants (start cuttings now), sporting goods, clothing (men's, women's, children's), electronics, kitchen ware, accessories, small appliances, and collectibles. 
And don't worry, if you want to donate something that doesn't fit those categories—it's obviously a White Elephant!

Sue Wallace , Yard Sale Chair

We Need Your Suggestions for Yard Sale
Proceed Recipients
The proceeds of the Yard Sale are dedicated 100% to Outreach, and the recipients of the proceeds are determined by the Outreach Committee. Although the Yard Sale is months away, it is not too early to begin this consideration. Determining the recipients well in advance of the sale would aid in the preparation of publicity materials and generate even more enthusiasm around this colossal event. Please contact Roal Carlson or Sheryl Scrimsher , Outreach Co-Chairs, with your nominations by May 5 (you may have additional time to complete your application). Use this form to submit your request.
Our Wider Community
Click the links below for more information on each event.
Orange County Justice United Public Assembly, May 9, 7:00 pm, Lattisgrove MBC
At least 12 Binkley members are needed to lend support to the churches of Orange County Justice United at its Public Assembly. Issues covered include diverse staffing for Orange County Schools and affordable housing. A free bus will leave from St. Thomas More Church at 6:30 p.m. Carpools can also be arranged. For information, please contact Paul Lindsay, 919-604-1699,, and click here for details.

You can help a family transitioning into permanent housing by purchasing Mother's Day cards through the IFC. The cards feature artwork by children in the HomeStart program and they are mailed for you. Click here.

June 21-23, Virginia Beach, VA

Peace in Our Land: Toward a World Without Violence
July 15-20, 2019, Cali, Colombia

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