July 27, 2018
This Sunday at Binkley
July 29, 2018
Early Worship
9:45 am, Lounge

11:00 am, Sanctuary
Stephanie Ford preaching
Celebration of Baptism
The Binkley 411
Leave of Absence Update
Our Minister of Music and Organist Daniel Cherrix remains on leave of absence.

We anticipate that he will return to work by mid-August. Please respect his request that details associated with his leave of absence be kept confidential.

Any correspondence or well wishes can be sent to the church.

We hold him in our prayers.
Binkley Night at Durham Bulls
Saturday, July 28, 6:35 pm,
Durham Bulls Athletic Park
There are still a few tickets left for the game on Saturday. It's too late to get them from the office, but Marcus is going to take the extras with him to the game. Text him at 512-492-5130 to meet at the ball park. Tickets are $10.
Looking Great at 60 is a project to spruce up our church now so that we are ready for our big 60th celebration this fall. So far, we are thrilled to announce that many generous Binkley folk have given a total of  $25,800, or 72.4% of our goal!  Thank you to everyone! Every contribution helps us get even closer to the goal. Let’s close the gap and get to the goal: there are still projects to be adopted or you can give to the Clean-Up Bucket general fund. Don Willhoit will be in the Narthex after worship on Sunday, so make your contribution then. Or you can email Don, Priscilla Bratcher or Duane Gilbert with a pledge or stop by the church office to talk to Duane. As Kimberly Zirkle said last Sunday, let’s “Clean up aisle 4,” and everywhere else around the church! Priscilla Bratcher, Karin Mills, Don Willhoit, Kimberly Zirkle

Community Kitchen Chef Needed
On the 4th Wednesday of every month, Binkley supports the local community by preparing a lunch and dinner meal for approximately 50-75 hungry citizens at the Inter Faith Council (IFC) community kitchen located at the intersection of Rosemary and Columbia Streets in downtown Chapel Hill. We are in need of a new Binkley 4th Wednesday Dinner coordinator. The dinner crew works from approximately 4:30 - 7:00 pm but uses two shifts (prep and serving). The coordinator makes sure the team is available to serve through email correspondence and should be available by the beginning of the 4:30 pm shift but is not required to stay through the meal serving time. The coordinator should be hospitable, organized and eager to feed children of God who are hungry. Is that person you? If so, please contact Dale Osborne for more information and a shout of HOORAY!
The Plants Are Thirsty
Barbara Proctor and Betty Hornaday have been watering the plants in the narthex for some time now. Both of them will be unable to pour during most of August. Betty is willing to train and encourage the first couple of volunteers who step forward. This task can be completed at your convenience. Won't you help us for three weeks in August? Contact the church office to volunteer.

ESL Teachers Needed,
Do you have 2 Sundays per month that you could offer to the meaningful experience of teaching Sunday School class to learners of English as a second or foreign language? You don't have to have experience -- but hospitality, a willingness to explain new words, and an interest in talking about the Bible, Christianity, and culture to "newcomers" are needed.  Please get in touch with Stephanie Ford,  stephanie@binkleychurch.org , if you are interested or have questions.
July Challenge: #choosetorefuse
For the month of July, people far across the US and the world are taking part in “Plastic Free July,” a global campaign which encourages people to stop using single use plastics during July, whether for a day, a week or even the whole month!
All you have to do to complete the challenge:
  •  Refuse one of the ‘Big 4’! These are plastic bags, coffee cup lids, straws, and plastic bottles.
  • Take a picture of you with your non-plastic alternative (e.g.: Your cup and/or your cup with no straw, your non-disposable beverage cup in lieu of a plastic bottle, your paper bag or cloth bag in lieu of your plastic bag, your coffee cup with no lid)
  • Post it on the Binkley Facebook Page (with the hashtag #choosetorefuse) and then—
  • Challenge and tag two other Binkley people to do the same. Fun! (You can also do this on your own FB page.)
  • And that’s it – simple, right? Only four simple steps to take in order to make a change this July and to make a greater statement that you want to be a part in caring for our Earth.
Bob Seymour's 93rd Birthday Party
On July 13, Binkley joined the wider community at the Seymour Center for Bob Seymour's birthday party which was hosted by Habitat for Humanity. Bob was s urrounded by over 100 of his friends, family, neighbors, church congregation, elected officials, and other members of the community, it was definitely an event to remember!

Habitat is creating an affordable housing community for seniors in Orange County, and the first building is being built in honor of Dr. Seymour. Click here to donate. Click the link below to learn more.
Our Wider Community
Click the links below for more information on each event.
Many of the 3,500 children in our community who rely on the school lunch program may not have access to regular meals during the 11 weeks that school is not in session.

Volunteering is as easy as picking up a box of lunches at a school cafeteria, distributing them at a local community center or housing community and returning a tally sheet to the cafeteria.  Shifts last from 11:25 – 1:15, so you can volunteer at lunch. And you can choose how often you wish to participate.
Please visit our Volunteer Signup page or contact Carolyn Brandt

Opportunities for Kids and Youth (OKAY)  a partner of IFC, supports programs that serve low-resource families in our community so children can have some activity during the summer. Church members and friends are encouraged to volunteer and/or donate supplies. Suggested programs: RENA Community Center (919-918-2822), June 25 to August 3; El Centro Hispano ( aalanis@elcentronc.org ), July 23 to July 27; Food for the Summer at IFC takes lunch & activities to housing complexes all summer (919-960-1163,  foodforthesummer.org ). The OKAY Coordinator is our own Connie Gates,  conniegates@juno.com

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