July 13, 2018
This Sunday at Binkley
July 15, 2018
 Sunday School Forum with Bill Leonard
9:30 am, Fellowship Hall

11:00 am, Sanctuary
Bill Leonard preaching
Sanctuary Matters
7:00 pm, Library
From the Reference Team
The Reference Team has been meeting regularly since the Council appointed the seven of us in February to work with the church’s consultant, David Brubaker, in the broad arena of healing and reconciliation in our church community. In particular, we want to discover where we are hurting – and where we are healthy too! What structures of organization and what habitual practices in listening for each other’s views have helped us build a sense of trust, and openness -- and which structures and practices need kind criticism, and suggestions for change? For the long run, and for today too, how can we align our behavior towards each other with the values and hopes that form those ties that bind us together as Binkley Baptist Church? 

These are big issues, and we are trying to take them in pieces – and so much do we need your help – your prayers first of all – and your observations just as much. The Council intends us to represent you – we seven: Meredith Bratcher, Nancy Cheek, Tom Fewel, Tonya Hamm, Matthew Ripley-Moffitt, Jenny Walters, and Don Willhoit – and we hope you feel comfortable speaking with, or writing to one or another of us, or all of us! We’ve learned a good deal from the cottage meetings in April and May, and from talks with other gatherings of congregants – on June 10, we shared a summary of our learnings at a congregational meeting. 
But we are by no means finished with our listening – and are still eager to hear your point of view, and suggestions for change. You can contact us all at referenceteam@binkleychurch.org , or individually, as seems easiest. In particular, if you would like some help in airing or repairing some hurt in a relationship within the church, we want to help. 

At that same June 10 meeting, we asked the 80 or so of us questions that lead us towards developing a behavioral covenant – promises that we can make about our interactions with one another.   The Reference Team will work on this at our next full meeting this month. 

In addition, we’ve formed two small teams to work on some particulars in our Vision, and in our organizational Structure, and they are beginning their work as well.

Council hopes for a report from us in late September, so any ideas you have on these big issues are welcome right away – though we expect to continue working through the fall. 

Thank you for your participation in this community, and for helping us as a Reference Team to learn what healing and reconciliation we need, and how we may better help in that ongoing work.    

Meredith Bratcher, Nancy Cheek, Tom Fewel, Tonya Hamm, Matthew Ripley-Moffitt, Jenny Walters, and Don Willhoit
The Binkley 411
Memorial Service Information
A memorial service for Allen Davidson will be held Saturday, July 14, at 2 pm in the Sanctuary with a reception following in the Fellowship Hall.
Guest Preacher and Teacher:
Bill Leonard
This Sunday, 9:30 am

On July 15 th , at 9:30 am in the Fellowship Hall, Bill Leonard, a Christian scholar and leader, will speak to us about the “Changing Landscape of Congregational Life.” Dr. Leonard has keen insights for us as we at Binkley seek to follow God’s vision for us in our day.

Dr. Leonard will also be our preacher for the 11 am service. Don't miss it!

Click here to read more about Dr. Leonard.

Childcare will be available for the Sunday School and Worship hours.

The Looking Great at 60 Campaign is on a roll! Our goal is to raise $35,600 to clean, repair, polish, light, install, paint and more to make our building shine in time for our 60th Anniversary celebration in September. With funds from our current budget and a grant from Binkley’s endowment we had a little bit of a running start. BUT, thanks to many generous Binkley folks, we have passed the halfway point, having secured $23,330 toward the goal. That means that in less than 1 week we are 65% of the way there! Thank you!
If you haven’t participated yet, what can you do? Join the fun! Choose a project to adopt or give to the Clean-Up Bucket, or general kitty which will be used for projects on the list that don’t have sponsors. We can use contributions in any amount, so put a check in the offering plate today clearly marked Looking Great at 60 or contact Don Willhoit, Priscilla Bratcher or Duane Gilbert, church Business Manger. Working together, we can make sure we are ready for the big party!
Church-Wide Retreat--
Not too Late to Go!
Still a couple of spots left at Blowing Rock. If you want to join us for the  Renewing the Soul of Worship,  July 20-22, contact Stephanie Ford by Sunday. 
Post card Sunday returns on July 22, 2018!    
Drop by the table in the narthex to write a post card to an elected official about any concern you might have.  And if your concerns are pressing, or you will be out of town that Sunday, you can always call an elected official.  Helpful numbers include:

Sen. Thom Tillis (202) 224-6342
Sen. Richard Burr (201) 224-3154
White House (202) 456-1111
Sen. Lisa Murkowski (202) 224-6665
Sen. Susan Collins (207) 622-8414
From Outreach
We have received thanks from Scott and Tan Coats, missionaries we help support in Thailand/Burma, for our prayers for the safety of the twelve boys and their coach marooned in the cave in Thailand. One of the boys is a refugee from a chaotic part of Myanmar who was taken by his parents to a Baptist Church in Thailand with which Scott and Tan work.  An article about the boys can be seen here.
Scott and his children have explored this cave.    
Helping our Church Family
April Harper, who is healing from hip surgery, is seeking to borrow a golf cart, motorized scooter, or a motorized wheelchair. She needs it for approximately 3 weeks. Please call her at (919) 265-7624. Thank you.
July Challenge: #choosetorefuse
For the month of July, people far across the US and the world are taking part in “Plastic Free July,” a global campaign which encourages people to stop using single use plastics during July, whether for a day, a week or even the whole month!
All you have to do to complete the challenge:
  •  Refuse one of the ‘Big 4’! These are plastic bags, coffee cup lids, straws, and plastic bottles.
  • Take a picture of you with your non-plastic alternative (e.g.: Your cup and/or your cup with no straw, your non-disposable beverage cup in lieu of a plastic bottle, your paper bag or cloth bag in lieu of your plastic bag, your coffee cup with no lid)
  • Post it on the Binkley Facebook Page (with the hashtag #choosetorefuse) and then—
  • Challenge and tag two other Binkley people to do the same. Fun! (You can also do this on your own FB page.)
  • And that’s it – simple, right? Only four simple steps to take in order to make a change this July and to make a greater statement that you want to be a part in caring for our Earth.
Richard Rohr’s  Immortal Diamond  Discussion Grou p
The discussion group that just completed Richard Rohr’s  Falling Upward: Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life  will read Rohr’s next major book,  Immortal Diamond: the Search for the True  Self starting in September. Would you like to join us?

If you have read Falling Upward (or want to read it over the summer), you are ready for the group. In addition to weekly discussions at the church, we’re going to take an online course associated with the book for additional multi-media materials, including talks by Fr. Richard, and a moderated discussion for participants. Registration for the course is now open and participants should sign up at  cac.org  (follow links to Online Education, Immortal Diamond). 

Any questions and/or interested? Contact Cate Alexander, 919-903-9563.
Our Wider Community
Click the links below for more information on each event.
Tuesday, July 17,5:30 to 9:00 p.m., Carolina Club
Benefitting Eyes, Ears, Nose & Paws. Click HERE for details.
Many of the 3,500 children in our community who rely on the school lunch program may not have access to regular meals during the 11 weeks that school is not in session.

Volunteering is as easy as picking up a box of lunches at a school cafeteria, distributing them at a local community center or housing community and returning a tally sheet to the cafeteria.  Shifts last from 11:25 – 1:15, so you can volunteer at lunch. And you can choose how often you wish to participate.
Please visit our Volunteer Signup page or contact Carolyn Brandt

Opportunities for Kids and Youth (OKAY)  a partner of IFC, supports programs that serve low-resource families in our community so children can have some activity during the summer. Church members and friends are encouraged to volunteer and/or donate supplies. Suggested programs: RENA Community Center (919-918-2822), June 25 to August 3; El Centro Hispano ( aalanis@elcentronc.org ), July 23 to July 27; Food for the Summer at IFC takes lunch & activities to housing complexes all summer (919-960-1163,  foodforthesummer.org ). The OKAY Coordinator is our own Connie Gates,  conniegates@juno.com

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