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I wanted to first mention this newsletter has an unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email, this will disconnect you from receiving any future newsletter.  

We are celebrating our first newsletter.  We wanted to take a moment to appreciate the business you have done with us in the past.    You are probably receiving this newsletter since more than likely you done business with Blue2Green Irrigation at one time.  As always, we look forward in providing quick turnaround customer service regarding your landscaping or irrigation inquiries. 

Hard to believe that 2106 is around the corner.  I wanted you all to know that Blue2green Irrigation will be making some strategic changes for the New Year-2016.  We will still be providing excellent irrigation services of all phases-service and repair, however, expanding to small-scale residential retaining walls, paver walkways and artistic hardscape platform projects; and most importantly re-inventing the website, where it will become more of an e-commerce in the surr ounding local areas and world wide.   And with additional services that will meet local residential needs in order to improve customer enhancements.  We look forward to our new challenges.

For any reason, if you ever have questions regarding your DIY (Do-it-yourself) projects, landscape or irrigational questions, please give me a call, email, or respond to this newsletter and a response will be returned promptly.  I look forward answering questions regarding your landscaping enhancements.

Again, a big thank you and hand-shake. And as always, I appreciate you taking some time out of your busy schedule to read our newsletter.

Thank you for your patronage.


Cell: 803-370-5211

Running a little Fallish late? Shrub and Brush Trimming available

We can help with trimming capabilities.  Proper Pruning can assist your bushes with proper growth in the Spring Time. All services include clean-up and carry away.

Seeding and Fertilization are still available.

Rain gutter producing a problem?  Let us help with efficient drainage.

An effective rain gutter drainage system can assist with eliminating excessive water in your yard.  Puddles can lead to dead grass or create a new fungi in your yard.  

Visit our Drainage section

Professional Landscape Lighting Installation- Your last lighting install for your home---Many options available.
Walkway lights Available

These Lights will essentially illuminate a walkway in front of your home or by the steps.
A great way to accent the walkway.

A wide array of other manufacturers available that have been around for many years.  Some brands are more economical to meet certain budgets.

All lighting install come with a 1 year warranty and some (depending on the brand) carry a lifetime warranty with hardware fixture.
Vista Green Bullet Light
These products are special since they all are LED green efficient, 12 Volt lighting system.

LED lighting comes with a Transformer and 
Digital timer to compensate for daylight saving.  You need not do anything to make daylight saving changes, all done automatically by timer.

  Visit Vista wesbite American made
Decking lights Available.  Many standard designs to choose from.
Copper Deck lighting 

A free consultation and quote available to fit your needs with deck lighting enchancement.  Already have a transformer, no need to buy another one, depending on size we can pull from there.
This was a paver project completed about 1.5 weeks.
A 30 x 85' feet section to extend the customer backyard patio.

Tree paver highlights, retaining walls to concrete extensions and walkways; Our suppliers can diligently search the stone you been looking for.


Winterizing your backflow is near.  For a scheduled appt. submit your request here to the newsletter by reply or go to appointment request above. Please submit address and we can confirm for you a date and time. Normally mid-Nov. to the 1st week of December winterizations are done. Most system are still in action due to recent overseeding and aeration activities.


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October 21, 1950 - January 28, 1986


Thank you again.  If you happen to know someone who may need our services or products, a forward email button is below where you may share this email.

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