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Learning About Death
BRC Session at PES
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New at the BRC Website: "Learning to Learn About Death" 
Feb 27 Panel"To be with someone who is dying is a profound learning how to love." So said Mary Catherine Bateson to the capacity crowd gathered at the Boston Research Center on February 27 for the public dialogue "Understanding Death, Appreciating Life." Joining Bateson in open reflection were Harvard professors (l-r) Nur Yalman, Tu Weiming, and Harvey Cox. The BRC has just posted a feature article highlighting insights and lessons from that memorable afternoon. The event was part of the BRC's yearlong investigation into how enlarging our conception of death and life might lead to a more peaceful, compassionate world. The next event -- t
he Fifth Annual Ikeda Forum for Intercultural Dialogue -- will take place September 20. It will extend and deepen the dialogue started on February 27.

Read the article "Learning to Learn About Death"
BRC @ PES! "Expanding Philosophical Horizons"
On April 13, the BRC hosted a panel discussion at the annual meeting of the Philosophy of Education Society (PES) held in Cambridge, MA. The session, chaired by Jane Roland Martin of the University of Massachusetts - Boston, was called "Expanding Philosophical Horizons: W.E.B. Du Bois, Tsunesaburo Makiguchi, and Maria Montessori." The presenters, Rodino Anderson of Bowdoin College, Monte Joffee of the Renaissance Charter School in New York City, and Jennifer Whitcomb of the University of Colorado at Boulder, are all contributors to the BRC-developed book Ethical Visions of Education: Philosophies in Practice, edited by David T. Hansen of Teachers College. The respondent was Dale Snauwaert of the University of Toledo.

Read an article about the panel called "Active Education, Active Democracy"

Learn more about Ethical Visions of Education
From the Archives: David Hansen on the Moral and Ethical Dimensions of Teaching
Hansen at PodiumIn 2007, David T. Hansen spoke with the BRC about the value of focusing on the ethical dimensions of teaching and learning in a time of commercialized, standardized education. He also talked about how the book Ethical Visions, with its international approach to educational ethics, can help counter the ill effects of narrowly conceived American exceptionalism. "A book like ours, in its own modest way," said Hansen, "can help us think about using power wisely and humanely and for good ends. It can have this effect because it can show students that we have a lot of solidarity with the rest of the world, so much more than we are aware of." Hansen doesn't deny our differences, but contends that our differences can be encountered as energizing.

Read the interview with David Hansen

Read a summary of Hansen's lecture, "Re-imagining the Purposes of Education in Our Time"

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