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December 2008
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"Enjoying the Rhythm of Birth and Death:
A Buddhist Perspective"

October Panel

On October 18, 2008, a capacity crowd gathered at the BRC to hear Dr. Yoichi Kawada (w/ mic) and Dr. Mary Catherine Bateson (left) speak about the topic "Enjoying the Rhythm of Birth and Death." Dr. Kawada's opening lecture elucidated Mahayana Buddhist principles that enable one to greet death with a sense of security and even joy. In her commentary, Dr. Bateson focused on two aspects of the lecture -- interdependence and caring for others -- as being especially resonant with the Western tradition of Christian love. ( Also shown above: Interpreter Andrew Gebert and BRC Executive Director Virginia Benson.)

Read a feature story and view a photo essay on the October event!

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From the Archives: Vincent Harding -- Toward a More Perfect Union
Vincent HardingWhen social historian and activist Vincent Harding
spoke at the BRC just prior to the recent election, he explored the possibility of a "new America" being born, one more closely aligned with the vision of his friend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This interview, conducted at the BRC in 1996, argues, in effect, that the work of building "Martin's America" extends beyond any single election, even one as historic as this November's. The quest for a "more perfect union" requires us to question continually our allegiance to militarism and materialism, says Harding. It calls for nothing less than a "revolution in values."

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Interview with BRC Founder Daisaku Ikeda:
"Faith in Revolution"

The Winter 2008 edition of Tricycle Magazine features an extensive interview with BRC founder and Soka Gakkai International president Daisaku Ikeda. Conducted by contributing editor Clark Strand, this is Ikeda's first interview in an American magazine. In it, Ikeda makes the case for the "inherently revolutionary" nature of Buddhism. "I can't think of anything more radical than enlightenment," he says. "It is both a return to our most natural state and a dramatic change."

Read the Daisaku Ikeda Interview!

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