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February 2009
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BRC 2009 Theme: "Humanizing Our Lives, Humanizing Our World"

Humanizing Our Lives

Can a deeper faith in the potential of the self for positive growth spark a more enduring compassion for others, indeed for all of humanity and the environment supporting us? What are the attitudes we might hold, and what are the actions we can take, that would make our lives, and our world, more human? This year, the BRC will investigate these questions and more, as we explore the theme "Humanizing Our Lives, Humanizing Our World."

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Neva Goodwin Interview: Contextual Economics and Human Well-Being
Neva Goodwin
With financial matters front and center, now is a good time to examine some of the assumptions about economics that may have contributed to our current crisis. In this 2005 interview with the BRC, Neva Goodwin, co-director of the Global Development And Environment Institute at Tufts University, explores the legacy of Adam Smith, introduces the concept of "contextual economics," and shows how human and environmental well-being might serve as effective guides for economic activity.

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Daisaku Ikeda's 2009 Peace Proposal: "Toward Humanitarian Competition"
A summary of BRC founder Daisaku Ikeda's annual peace proposal -- this year called "Toward Humanitarian Competition: A New Current in History" -- is available now online. The essay argues that even as we critique the excesses and failures of modern capitalism, we must remain mindful that competition can be a great source of energy and vitality in human society. The way forward, says Ikeda, is through a "competition to contribute the most to society." He identifies "three pillars" for stimulating this humanitarian competition: sharing of action through tackling environmental problems; sharing of responsibility through international cooperation on global public goods; and the sharing of efforts for peace toward the abolition of nuclear arms.

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