April 2011

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Spring is in the air and for some of you, budding right alongside the flowers are new ideas of how to engage your learners and ignite their interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Technology) education and careers pathways.  This month's newsletter is all about helping you to spring into action to turn those ideas into reality.


Keep reading for some fantastic resources on how Bot Shop can help you to jump start an academically driven Robotics Program.  If you're not ready to set out on your own just yet we have some great opportunities for you to volunteer and experience first-hand the magic of robotics.  Lastly, journey into the world of competitive robotics and learn how to get involved in the robotics learning community as we share our calendar of events for National Robotics Week.    


Bot Shop is committed to using the motivational value of robots to offer challenging yet fun hands on minds on learning experiences that increase learner's skills and content in science and mathematics.  I hope the resources shared in our monthly newsletter give you inspiration to get involved in the robotics learning community near you! 


Jane Taylor, M.Ed.

President Bot Shop  



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Robotics is an intellectual "sport of the mind" where programmers play a key role in providing the artificial intelligence to the robots.  Click Here to view an interview of Bot Shop President, Jane Taylor, talking about how programming robots builds better minds.     



TECH IT OUT Robotics Summer Camp 2011 is OPEN FOR REGISTRATION! TECH IT OUT Robotics LOGO  


Are you looking to entertain the brain of your favorite kids this summer? Click Here to "Find out more" about our robotics summer camp.    


TECH IT OUT Robotics Summer Camp is a high tech interactive camp where kids (ages 7-12) and teens (ages 13-17) experience an incredible exploration of state of the art robots in a friendly learning environment with a focus on team-building, problem solving, cognitive ability, creativity and having lots of fun.



Robotics Enthusiast Celebrate National Robotics Week


National Robotics Week 

Bot Shop will be celebrating the second annual National Robotics Week with demonstrations of our  TECH IT OUT Robotics Summer Camp activities at the Wilder Elementary Spring Festival in Pearland, The All Earth EcoBot Challenge at University of Houston, and the Boy Scouts of America's Scout Fair at Reliant Center in Houston.  


National Robotics Week, is observed on the second week of April to celebrate the development of robotics technology as leading innovation in America in the 21st century.  Celebrate National Robotics Week with us April 9-17, 2011, by volunteering or attending The All Earth EcoBot Challenge which is open and free to the public or dropping by other robotics event in the Houston Area!


National Robotics Week is a great opportunity to educate the public on how robotics impacts society, both now and in the future.  Robotics is an exciting, hands-on way for kids to apply science, technology, engineering and math subjects.  Bot Shop offers robotics engineering & programming exploration for kids ages (7-12) and teens ages (13-17).  We aspire to use our TECH IT OUT Robotics Summer Camp to inspire students of all ages to pursue careers in robotics and other Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math-related fields.


Join in on the celebration with our TECH IT OUT Robotics Demonstrations!


Bot Shop National Robotics Week Calendar of Events


April 9, 2011 Laura Wilder Elementary's PTO Spring Festival in Pearland from 12pm - 4pm

April 16, 2011 All Earth EcoBot Challenge at University of Houston from 8am - 6pm 

April 16, 2011 Scout Fair at Reliant Center Booth 3111from 11am-4pm  

Getting Involved in Robotics in the Houston Area!


1. Visit Bot Shop's TECH IT OUT Robotics Demonstration at The Scout Fair at Reliant Center April 16  

from 11-4pm to help use celebrate the new Boy Scout's Robotics Merit Badge.

Boy Scouts Launch New Robotics Merit Badge
Boy Scouts Launch New Robotics Merit Badg

Experience hands on activities from our interactive robotics summer camp!  Learn how we use building, designing and programming robots with teamwork to engage student and give them confidence in math and science.


2.  Volunteer or attend the All Earth EcoBot Challenge at University of Houston's Alumni/Athletics Center.  If you are interested in volunteering at the 2011 All-Earth Ecobot Challenge, please visit www.EcobotChallenge.com and download the Volunteer Registration Form. Volunteer will get a tee-shirt.


3. Visit the Johnson Space Center's Block Party at Space Center Houston from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on April 15 and 16.  In celebration of National Robotics Week, NASA will exhibit it's usually not accessible to the public  Space Exploration Vehicle (SEV) for people to see and ask questions about.  Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity!

jcpenney Presents FIRST Robotics Competition
JCPENNEY Presents FIRST Robotics Competition


4. Visit the FIRST TECH CHALLENGE Houston Area at San Jacinto Central April 16 to see the newest addition to the family of FIRST Robotics programs and the newest contest to the Houston Area. FTC is a mid-level (ages 24-18)robotics program that transition teams from FIRST LEGO League (ages 9-14)  to FIRST Robotics Competition.





Five WANTS Bot Shop can help you with!


Houston is a hotbed for robotics and plays host to over 20 or so local, national and international competitions all attracting thousands of kids to such as All Earth Ecobot, First LEGO League , FIRST Tech Challenge, FIRST Robotics and VEX Houston to name a few.  We would love to get you plugged in! Here is 5 ways we can help! 


1. Want a team? Before this school year is over, invite your group of kids with high interest in science, technology, engineering and math to our TECH IT OUT Robotics Camp together this summer, let us teach them the basics!   In 4 days, we can teach your kids and teens to work cooperatively as a team to design, construct, and program robots of their own chose.SPECIAL DEALS FOR ROBOTICS TEAMS! PAY for 3 Campers and GET the 4th kid FREE !  


2. Want a class? Attend a Bot Shop Teacher Training and learn how to integrate robotic technology into your science and math course or after school program to interactively engage your 21st Century learners. Our hands-on workshop cover best practices in building and programming robots from beginner to advanced levels with LEGO Robotics Continuum and VEX.  Receive $50 Discount off our FALL 2011 schedule we you register online.


3. Want Both? Call us for a free consultation and/or assistance with developing a grant to procure everything you need to launch an academic robotics course and after school robotics team. Contact us by email at info@botshoprocks.com , phone (713) 644-1881 or visit www.BotShopRocks.com for more information.


4. Want us to do it for you? Bot Shop can be incorporated in the school day or after school programs.  We give hands-on robotics workshops or day camp in your academic environment! Email request to info@botshoprocks.com  

5. Well, what do you want? Bot Shop can custom create a program designed specifically towards you needs and wants in reference to your vision to provide real life, practical, hands-on learning experiences with STEM. Call us, we would love to help!


Contact us for a free consultation!  

Email at info@botshoprocks.com   

Phone (713) 644-1881 

Visit www.BotShopRocks.com for more information.


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