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They started out in 1969 as the The Sensational Six from West Memphis, Arkansas singing all over the country. In the early 90s the Harris brothers chose family over fame. 15 years later The Sensational Harris Brothers - Willie Roy, Vertro, Fred and Larry - are back on the gospel quartet scene.

"The Wait is Over" was recorded live April 16, 2005 at GCT's historic North location and they haven't missed a beat since!!!!!

Since many have found a new appreciation for this country, "Dear America" puts emotions into words. "Take the Lord With You," and "Don't Let the Devil Fool You" are life lessons for everyone.

They give glimpses of their walks with God in songs like "Never Been This Close," "I Won't Stop Serving God" and "New Walk." Leader Willie Roy sets the church on fire when he shares his story of healing in "Willie Roy's Testimony."

It's been a while, but whether you are a quartet lover or just enjoy good down home gospel music, The Sensational Harris Brothers are back........The Wait is Over !

Zacchaeus Hayslett
Contributing Writer

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Bishop Brandon B. Porter
Senior Pastor

God, The Relationship Process

By Pam Kendrick

Continued from September

You must understand that no relationship is the same because everybody is different. When we connect with people, we must pay attention to the red flags, those characteristics and habits that we tend to ignore, simply because our desires outweigh our commitment to please God.

You must also understand a person's season and learn to walk with them while relying on God to assist. Every relationship goes through a developing stage that cannot be ignored. If you are not equipped to walk with that person or willing to know them through God, then you must stop and ask yourself the question "is this someone I am willing to grow with and know them on every level?" In every relationship, there are some things that will come as a test and different types of storms will arise. That is why it is so important to check (discern) people in the Spirit, in order to grow with them in the natural.

Lastly, in every relationship there is a God who is in control of the process, there to aid us in the relationship. Let's take a look at the natural definition of the word process: a series of actions, or changes or functions bringing about a result. In the spiritual realm, Jeremiah says it like this: "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Meditate right there: what would you like to accomplish in your marriage or relationship? Is it so challenging that you have lost hope? Now, think about the word process and ask yourself this question, "Am I willing to wait on the results of what I believe God said He would do or will I just throw in the towel and move on to something else?".

Hebrews 6:9 reminds us that faith is a sure confidence of things which are hoped for and a certainty of things which are not seen. Stay with God, meditate on His Word and all things will become clear. He is the greatest Overseer of every episode; but you must acknowledge that He is everything and apart from Him you know no-thing. So just "think" about it: if there is only one good reason to stay, go to the source because only HE knows what that one good reason is.

Reap What You Sow

By Shana Bibbs-Hampton

Whatever a man sows he will also reap
How you live your life will determine the Harvest you seek
Do not be deceived by the tangled web you weave
God is not mocked; He looks closely at your spiritual crop
Life is filled with choices we have to make
We should seek God's wisdom for the road we must take
Be careful, make the most of your time
For the Bible warns, do not get drunk with wine
Be filled with the Spirit and be blessed by what God has done on your behalf
He has given you talents, opportunities for success, and the living Word as your raft
Harvest designates the end of a growing season
A process focused on reaping that which is pleasing
With knowledge, faith, love and hope your harvest is sure to grow
But realize with every decision made, we will reap what we sow

Special Edition

What's Wrong with Halloween?

Many deeply devoted Christians refuse to celebrate Halloween. Is it because of the ghost-inspired masks and costumes? Have they been instructed by their Pastors to denounce this holiday? Is it just a Christian fad? Although this may be distressing to some children who look forward to wearing costumes and getting lots of candy, is it more important for Christian parents to say no to Halloween to stay true to Christian morals and values? Before we answer that question, I think we should explore the origin of Halloween and some of its traditions.

Halloween's origin is linked to an ancient practice of the Celtics. At the end of the harvest months, the Celtics believed that the dead came back to roam the earth right before the beginning of winter. They held a festival called the Samhain. During this time their priests gave predications of the future because of the believed heightned spiritual activity that took place on this day. They built huge bonfires and made animal sacrifices. The people also wore costumes hoping to confuse and repel the returning dead.

In 43 AD the new Roman conquerors added its pagan fall holiday with Samhain, which also recognized the passing of the dead. It's not until the 800s, that the Christian's influences found its way in. In result, Pope Boniface IV tried to draw the people away from the Samhain and declared a new celebration, "All Saints Day" or "All-hallows" on November 1st. The night before "All-hallows" day became known as "Hallows eve", now known as Halloween.

When the immigrants traveled to America they also brought their beliefs and customs including "Halloween" as we call it. Today Halloween, with its origin of over 2000 years ago, is a common holiday celebrated here in America. Now that we know a part of its history, is it more important for Christian parents to say no to Halloween to stay true to Christian morals and values? It's a decision each parent must make. Hopefully, having a little more insight and information about the essence of this day, will help every Christian parent to better decide.

Contributing Writer: Lamartra Cox

Money Matters
A Time For Harvest

For many of us, the concept of growing what you plant is easy right? The scripture says you reap what you sow but it's the same thing right? Of course it is: if you plant [sow] watermelon seeds, you will grow [reap] watermelons. Okay, so we got that down - what you plant/sow IS what you grow/reap.

This month's emphasis is Harvest. Harvesting indicates the joyful celebration of finally being able to gather the mature crops. Harvest timing is a critical decision because you have to ensure that the conditions are balanced with the degree of maturity. What that simply means is, you have to make sure the plant is ready to be plucked out and this readiness is determined by past experiences and even current circumstances.

This sounds a lot like investing to me! Many of us have made some wise financial investments but the current state of the economy causes us to be concerned about how that investment is doing and if it will be ready for harvesting. For some, harvest time is the ripe age of 65 when they retire from that job they've worked on for the best of their years. For many concerned parents, harvest time is that wayward child walking across the stage to receive that high school diploma that seemed unachievable. For others harvest time may simply be getting that raise that you deserve and desperately need. Whatever harvest time means to you, make sure that one thing is satisfied - make sure you've sown properly.

How do you ensure proper sowing and harvesting? Read II Corinthians 9:6-7 and follow the instructions. Sow bountifully every single chance you get. When you're in service, don't think about what you don't have when the preacher says "it's offering time"! If you harp on what you don't have you won't sow and remember, you can't grow what you don't plant. Also, be careful of how you give. The scripture admonishes us to give cheerfully, not grudgingly, or of necessity. Lastly, mediate on Ecclesiastes 3:13: "...that every man should eat and drink, and enjoy the good of all his labour, it is a gift of God." Wow, it's a blessing to know that God wants us to enjoy the fruit {the seeds we've sown} of our labor!

Thank you Lord for this season.....a season of harvest.

Stephanie Hill
Contributing Writer

Living Single

Better With Time

I must admit that when I write for this column I am thinking 40 and younger. I know that "50 is the new 40" but I can't help it; when I think single, I usually don't think about a 58 year old man or woman.

I was recently made aware of a different set of obstacles in the single life when a friend and I were discussing the kind of person you would have to be to marry the widow of Dr. Malinda P. Sapp, John F. Kennedy or Bishop W. L. Porter. Our conversation delved even deeper into dating scenarios for those that are senior and have NEVER been married. Oh my! By the end of dinner, we'd discovered several advantages to dating later in life.

First of all, you know yourself better. As we age, we get to know our good and bad points, as well as what we like and don't like. By middle age, most people have been in enough relationships to know (almost) exactly what kind of person we are most compatible with.

This knowledge consequently leads to a confident self-image and usually you're able to communicate effectively - and we all know that effective communication is important in any successful relationship. Being able to express ourselves openly and honestly is something that comes with age, as we realize that what we have to say is worthy of attention.

Because you consider yourself more, you've learned to enjoy your own company. You realize that time doesn't have to be spent with others to be enjoyable. It also tends to lessen the demand of our partner's time and attention - which could enhance the relationship even more. Learning to enjoy our own company is part of the process of learning to like ourselves, and only when we're able to do that are others able to do that too.

Other revelations come with time, like what's important in a relationship. When we are young "tall, dark and handsome" may be enough. Later in life, you place emphasis on the characteristics of a relationship that will help it endure: respect, kindness, friendship and spiritual compatibility.

With the lessons learned in their youth and the wisdom that they carry into their later years, I find myself admiring the great foundation that the older adults have to build their next relationship on. I guess what they say is true..... "it does get better with time."

Emma Devine
Contributing Writer
Holy Matrimony

Take Time! Make Time!

With our schedules being so hectic nowadays, it is sometimes hard for couples to find "quality" time. Prior to marriage and children, date nights were the norm and you looked forward to getting out and spending time together. You would spend countless hours on the telephone listening to each other breathe and I believe it's time to bring some of these things back. It's important for marriages to have spontaneity; something to spice up the relationship that will totally catch our spouses by surprise. I don't believe there is a person on this earth that knows your spouse better than you do. You know what they like as well as what they dislike. You know what turns them on and you know what turns them completely off. Hello, somebody! I honestly believe that nobody can make my husband happier than I can, but I have to make a conscience decision to do what it takes to not only make him happy; I have to keep him happy. The same is true for you. You know what to do and what to say to make your spouse feel like the most blessed person on the planet. You just have to make up in your mind that pleasing them is of utmost importance to you...then go about doing those things.

With only 3 months left in 2010, I'd like to propose a challenge: make a commitment to go out of your way to do something special for your spouse. I don't know what would put a smile on their face, but you do. I would also like to challenge you to incorporate at least one "date night" into your monthly routine. Depending on your schedules, some of you can do it more frequently. This "date night" could either be alone or with other couples. The whole point is to find the time to do something TOGETHER! And don't just stop with the "date night". I want you to be spontaneous; leave little love notes on their steering wheel, mail them a "mushy-gushy" card, send flowers or a gift to their job, book a weekend getaway, run their bath water, take them out to dinner and/or a movie, etc. You know what it takes to get their attention. Just do something! Not only will your spouse appreciate it; your marriage will benefit from it too. So take time! Make time! I believe your marriage is worth the investment.

LaKesha Calhoun
Contributing Writer

Monthly Emphasis: Harvest

Scripture Reference

Luke 10:1-2
After these things the Lord appointed other seventy also, and sent them two and two before his face into every city and place, wither he himself would come. Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest.

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Bishop Brandon B. Porter
Senior Pastor