JUNE 2022
Visualizing Strategic Impact

When I first came to work for the Community Foundation for Mississippi, I was blown away by the story of John and Lucy Shackelford. Longtime Jacksonians, the two left an incredible gift with the Community Foundation for Mississippi in their will to keep Jackson strong for many years after they were gone.

In April of this year, my CFM colleagues and I crafted a driving tour for our board of trustees to show them the impact of their collective decision-making about Shackelford Fund grants over the past few years. Putting all of the pieces of the puzzle together in that way was profound. It is one thing to make decisions around the table and something completely different to see the impact of your work up close. Visualizing it made me appreciate their gift - and Jackson - more and realize how their forethought has ripple effects not only for me but also for my son, Max.

We didn't want the impact of the Shackelford Fund to end with the driving tour. Now, everyone can get the same experience as our board with their own tour experience! We hope you will take the time to view the interactive page (featured below) and perhaps think about your own way to leave a legacy, no matter how big or small, just like the Shackelfords. We all play a part in keeping our communities strong for many years to come. The more we see a shared vision, I hope we'll all pitch in to do good, for good, forever.

Sandy Quinn
Administration and Events Manager
Community Foundation for Mississippi
The Community Foundation for Mississippi Has the Blues - The Central Mississippi Blues Society
Any frequenter of Hal and Mal’s knows that Mondays are for the Blues – the Central Mississippi Blues Society (CMBS) – to be exact. Formed in 2006 by Blues enthusiasts and musicians, CMBS is a driving force for the promotion of the music genre in Central Mississippi.

“It is our mission to keep the Blues alive and promote the culture of the Blues,” said Malcolm Shepherd, current CMBS president.

To continue the mission of the organization and ensure stability for the future, CMBS recently created an endowment fund at the Community Foundation for Mississippi. Shepherd said he surveyed options for sustainability and CFM’s unique experience and ability to create and manage endowment funds with an eye toward sustainable growth, controlled risk and professional oversight, was incredibly reassuring.

Pride Month: LGBTQ Fund of Mississippi
Are you a small business? The LGBTQ Fund of Mississippi at the Community Foundation for Mississippi is asking you to show your support for LGBTQ+ customers and allies by becoming a small business supporter!

As part of this special campaign, you can demonstrate your small business's support of our LGBTQ community and the issues it faces.

The LGBTQ Fund of Mississippi at the Community Foundation for Mississippi develops and invests resources supporting a state where all LGBTQ Mississippians live safely, openly and without isolation, prejudice, and discrimination. The fund raises money and awards grants to organizations providing needed services to Mississippi’s LGBTQ citizens, ensuring that all LGBTQ Mississippians can thrive.
Closer Look: John F. and Lucy Shackelford Fund
John and Lucy Shackelford’s legacy of giving continues to be seen throughout the capital city, particularly centered in downtown Jackson. Throughout the years it was a place they visited during their courtship, window-shopping and dreaming together along Capitol Street. John Shackelford, who made his fortune in trees and lumber, recognized that the Community Foundation for Mississippi was a place with deep roots in the community and represented an opportunity to grow their impact for years to come. Since their passing, the John F. and Lucy Shackelford Fund at the Community Foundation for Mississippi has made a transformative impact on the streets of Jackson they knew and loved.
Keath Killebrew Charisma Award Fund Honors Legacy and Passion for Agriculture
Keath Killebrew, co-owner and farmer with the Killebrew Cotton Company in Tchula, Mississippi, dreamed about farming and ranching as a young boy.

“He was a hard-working farmer that was happy to get his hands dirty in the soil. His passion was to educate those who wanted to learn to be able to plant and take care of their families,” said his wife, Dr. Alyssa Ellis Killebrew. Tragically, his life was cut short when he passed away in December of 2021.

The Killebrew family has set up an award fund at the Community Foundation for Mississippi in his name called the Keath Killebrew Charisma Award, created for the purpose of supporting education for young men and women interested in agriculture. This scholarship will be given to young people who are passionate about agriculture and helping others in this field, using principles important to Keath such as integrity, grace, timeliness, honesty and respect.
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