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  May 2016
Post-Conference Issue

CIT International Conference 
 April 25-27 2016 Chicago 

Conference Attendance

Over 1100 individuals representing over 580 organizations from 46 states, and Canada, India, Australia and Nigeria attended the conference.

Check the list of organizations represented at the conference.  Is your organization there?  If not, there's always next year at the next conference in Fort Lauderdale.


2016 Conference Award Winners
Officer of the Year

Keith Reaves
Jefferson Parish LA
Sheriff of the Year
Robert Vallasenor 
Tucson AZ

Coordinator of the Year 

Jeremy Romo 
St. Louis MO 
Corrections Officer 
of the Year
Andrew McNorton
Augusta County VA

Consumer of the Year

Clark T. Weber
Chicago IL

Behavioral  Health 
Practitioner of the Year
John F. S. Williams

Advocate of the Year

Mary Madden
Waukesha IL

Best Pin

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Conference Highlights

The 2016 CIT International Conference held at the historic Chicago Hilton Hotel, Chicago, IL was attended by nearly 1,200 persons (counting more than a sixty volunteers).  It was a wonderful venue for this event providing ample-sized rooms for all of the fantastic nearly 100 presentations, and the Featured Presenters, as well as the Keynote Presenters,  

The opulent Grand Ballroom of the Hilton Hotel was the site for the opening Keynote by Sheriff Tom Dart, Sheriff of Cook County Jail, the largest single site jail in the U.S., which was preceded by the display of colors by the Chicago Police Department with bagpipes being played by the Chicago Police Department's Pipe and Drum Corp.   

Plenary Speakers were Dr. Ken Duckworth, Medical Director for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), the Honorable Patrick Kennedy, former U.S. Congressman and current founder of the Kennedy Forum which focuses on the needs of persons with serious mental illness and addiction disorders, and Vanita Gupta, Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General and head of Civil Rights at the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ).   Featured Speakers included: Patrick Corrigan, Ph.D,, Professor Illinois Institute of Technology,  Linda Teplin, Ph.D., Professor at Northwestern University of Chicago, Amy Watson, Ph.D,, Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Nick Margiotta, CIT International Board Member, and John Mundt, Ph.D., Veterans Administration.
The Conference proper which began on Monday, April 25, 2016, was preceded by the half-day program on Sunday afternoon April 24, 2016, entitled "Start or Improve Your CIT Program" presented by Sam Cochran, Mike Woody, Michele Saunders, and Pat Strode . 
And this Conference was followed by CIT International's first offering of the 8-hour Certified CIT Coordinator Course which was attended by 80 participants who are proud to be the first to wear the Certified CIT Coordinator Pin bestowed on the graduates of this well-received course.

  • 'Sometimes she forgets to take her medicine'
    Police often called to intercede on mental health issues
  • STOCKTON (CA) - Two tiny girls sat on a queen-sized mattress in an unkempt living room, hugging and crying and wrapped up together in a "Cars" blanket, alone at home on a rainy mid-February night in north-central Stockton.
    A string of Christmas lights rested on an armchair. A Happy Valentine's Day balloon floated near the ceiling. A Hefty bag filled with empty cans sat on the floor. And grandma was outside in the back of a police car.
    "She sees reflections. We say, 'Grandma, no one's there,' " the 9-year-old girl said.
    "Sometimes she forgets to take her medicine," said the younger girl, only 7.
    It was about 9:30 at night. Stockton police officers had responded less than an hour earlier to a report of a woman in her 50s who was outside screaming and wielding a knife.
    Now, Stockton police Officer Loreen Gamboa knelt on the living-room floor and listened to the girls telling a story that tore at the heart.
    "She said she sees people in the house and she keeps running outside in the rain and yelling," the older girl said. "It keeps on happening." 

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