Help Ensure Justice for Colorado Youth - Support CJDC Today on Colorado Gives Day!
For over a decade, CJDC has strived to elevate the practice of juvenile defense and advocacy by holding up juvenile defense as a skilled specialty practice, presenting continuing legal education seminars, developing resources and materials for juvenile defenders and advocates, and by supporting indigent defense though ongoing litigation support and assistance. 

So far in 2018, the Colorado Juvenile Defender Center has:
  • Helped over 30 clients successfully petition to expunge their juvenile records and/or de-register;
  • Worked with the 2018 Colorado legislature on the passage of HB18-1156 which limits penalties of juvenile truancy for Colorado youth;
  • Jointly published a 716-page Juvenile Defense Manual to guide attorneys through juvenile court;
  • Trained over 300 attorneys, social workers, investigators, and advocates on topics ranging from immigration advocacy and competency, to direct file and transfer, education advocacy, raising race and beyond;
  • Participated in a statewide investigation of Colorado's juvenile justice system with the Counsel of State Governments;
  • Wrote an amicus curiae in the Bredhold case, filed in the Kentucky Supreme Court;
  • Worked with state, regional, and national partners to develop partnerships with tribal courts;
  • Developed a new rural-focused attorney training model;
  • And successfully secured funding to begin direct representation in education proceedings.
As CJDC gears up for its eleventh year of youth justice advocacy, we are raising $10,000 in our Annual Fund Drive and hope to count on you for a $50 donation.  Every penny helps. $100 would pay for 1 community newsletter; $150 would pay the fees for filing for one inter-state amicus brief, $250 would pay the costs associated with holding a two-hour continuing legal education session for juvenile defense attorneys; $500 would pay for the cost of hosting one summer legal intern.

Upcoming Events and Trainings
Navigating the New Competency Standards: Making Colorado Revised Statute ยง 19-2-103 Work for Your Juvenile Clients

December 7, 2018
Denver, CO
Register HERE

Join us for a half-day CLE covering the statutory changes to the Children's Code and other implications of HB18-1050, which applies to acts committed on or after July 1, 2018.  Learn the psychology behind developmental immaturity, competency to stand trial, and what restoration looks like from a psychology perspective.  Review the statutory guidelines and what is going on in Colorado, from the Office of Behavioral Health practice to future legislative efforts.  Walk away with litigation strategies including when and how to raise a claim; how to approach competency claims with clients and family; and how to set up a developmental maturity argument.   

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JOIN OUR FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE - Each year, a team of dedicated volunteers works behind the scenes to coordinate our annual celebration and fundraiser which is held in the spring.  Interested in getting involved?  Reach out to Hannah Proff at

Would you like to represent youth in deregistration, expungement, or education proceedings? And make a little money while doing it?   We have clients waiting for your assistance. If you would like to help, please contact Jeff Cuneo at

INTERN WITH US - CJDC is seeking law students interested in juvenile defense for winter break and summer internships. Interested in interning with us?  Send your cover letter and resume to