7th Annual Excellence in Juvenile Defense Conference Success!
Eile Zwiebel presenting on education issues and school engagement
This year we co-hosted our  7th Annual Excellence in Juvenile Defense Conference with the Office of the Child's Representative and the Office of the Alternate Defense Counsel.  We moved to a larger space and had nearly 140 juvenile defense attorneys, JD guardian ad litems, investigators, social workers, and law students join us for the two-day conference.  

From the very first session where Ryann Hardman took us through the legislative and caselaw changes in Colorado over the past year, to Jorja Leap's presentation on gang and trauma intersectionality, to Jack Reed and Dr. Simone Viljoen's session on trends in marijuana use among adolescents - this year's conference was packed full of interesting and engaging presentations.  We were honored to host 35 facilitators from across the state (and country) and provide four breakout tracks for attendees at our annual conference!

Thank you to everyone who joined us this year and make sure to  save the date for next year's 8th Annual Excellence in Juvenile Defense Conference scheduled for April 23 & 24, 2020 !
Thank You for Helping Us Celebrate in Style!
We were honored to celebrate our 11th anniversary of youth justice advocacy at our  2019 Annual Fundraiser and Reception!  Thank you to everyone who came out and celebrated, helped us raise much needed funds, and spent their evening with CJDC last Thursday!  We packed the supreme court atrium and enjoyed a wonderful evening with sponsors, awardees, guest speakers, and live entertainment.  

If you haven't congratulated them in person yet, please make sure to tell Ryann Hardman (Juvenile Defender of the Year), Kyle Varvil (Social Worker of the Year), and Larry Leaman-Miller (Investigator of the Year) congrats next time you see them!

And a very special thank you to our guest speakers, Hollynd Hoskins and Chad Williams, for joining us to talk about some very important (and long overdue) wins for their juvenile clients last year.  And if you missed Wayne Gilbert's live poetry performance - you really missed out!

There were too many fun pictures not to share them all!  Thanks to Jerry Pagett for capturing the night on his camera!  

Justice for Youth at the 2019 Colorado Legislature! 

HB19-1315 passing out of the House by a vote of 53-11. Pictured: bill sponsors Rep. Michaelson-Jenet (L) and Rep. Gonzales-Gutierrez (R)
The " Admissibility of Statements by a Juvenile" bill led by CJDC's very own Ann Roan has been passed out of both houses of the Colorado Legislature and is awaiting the Governor's signature.  Under the bill, if an issue concerning the adult's adverse interest is raised, the prosecution must prove by a preponderance of the evidence that the person conducting the interrogation reasonably believed that the adult did not have an interest adverse to the juvenile and helped safeguard the juvenile's constitutional rights to remain silent or obtain counsel during the interrogation. The two women shown in the picture are the bill's House sponsors: on the left is Rep. Michaelson-Jenet; on the right is Rep. Gonzales-Gutierrez.
The " Juvenile Justice Reform" bill also has been passed out of both houses of the Colorado Legislature and awaits the Governor's signature.  This bill came out of the Improving Outcomes for Youth Task Force, of which Jeff Cuneo was appointed to by then-Governor Hickenlooper.  Designed to produce consensus between the disparate parts of the juvenile justice system, the bill, far from perfect, did make substantive, important changes to diversion, detention, and DYS sentencing, among others.  CJDC will continue to monitor the implementation of the bill, and advocate for additional changes, in the future.
The " Juvenile Record Expungement Clean-Up" bill is awaiting a final vote in the Senate but has been passed by the House.  It is expected to be voted upon and passed out of the Senate on May 3, 2019.  The bill makes changes and clarifications to the juvenile record expungement provisions. Among other things, the bill clarifies when a sentence is complete, which triggers the expungement process. The bill allows class 2 and class 3 misdemeanor sex offenses to be expunged. The bill requires the juvenile court to determine whether a juvenile who has his or her record expunged for a sex offense should have a continuing duty to register as a sex offender. The bill clarifies to whom the notice of expungement needs to be sent so that only the agencies with the records receive the notice.  The bill makes clear that juvenile record expungement applies in municipal court by creating a new section for municipal court expungement.
Have the Conditions of Confinement in DYS Improved? 

Please help update lawmakers on the conditions inside DYS facilities since the Bound and Broken Report was released in 2017.  Have conditions improved for your clients?  What issues remain, and are there new issues?  We ask that you please take a moment to fill out this very short survey, to help inform future policy efforts on behalf of kids in detention and commitment.  Please forward this survey to anyone who works with detained and committed kids. 
The data will be held in the Office of the Alternate Defense Counsel's SurveyMonkey account, and will be shared with the Child Protection Ombudsman of Colorado.  Please be careful not to include confidential client information in your answers.  If you'd like to bring a specific case or client to the attention of the Ombudsman, please contact Natasha Mitchell at nmitchell@coloradocpo.org

Believe in Youth Program needs Pro Bono Attorneys  

CJDC is asking for volunteer attorneys to help with Deregistration and Expungement cases.  The pro bono attorney would be assigned a deregistration and/or expungement case in the jurisdiction of their choice and be expected to handle all aspects of litigation, up to and including a court hearing.

Interested attorneys should contact Jeff Cuneo at jeff@cjdc.org