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On Sunday, Dec 16th in the morning service, Pastor Wingate announced his "retirement." Many who could not be in attendance have asked for a transcript of what was said. So everyone is one the same page, here is what was given:

Dear Church,


As you are aware, 8 � years ago I had a heart attack and by-pass surgery. Last spring, I had more damage done to my heart.


For a year Sydney and I have been praying about what my role in the ministry of Calvary should be.


After consultation with my doctor, my wife and my boys we made the decision in September that we felt it was time to begin the transition for a new lead pastor of Calvary.


I believe our greatest days are ahead and it is not that I don't want to lead Calvary but I just don't believe I am able to do what is needed. I am not leaving but will eventual be assuming a diminished role.   I no longer have the strength or stamina to continue in the capacity that I now assume.


When God leads us to the man of His choice I will then step back and help in the transitional period until He feels ready at which time I will assume a minor role in Calvary. When that happens, I would love to be involved in a day or two a week to visit, to mentor and be a help wherever I can in ministry. Until then, I will be here doing what I am doing now.


It may take several months to accomplish that goal and I will continue be the pastor through this transition. We have a great pastoral staff and as we look outside of our ministry for the next pastor, they will be a tremendous support.


God called me to preach when I was 12 years old. He led me into the pastorate when I was 21. I have pastored for 45 years and though I may not pastor all my life, I do plan to preach until I die. This will allow me to preach when opportunities arise without the stress of day to day ministry. As I was asked, "If you were sidelined by another heart attack, what good would you be in any ministry?"

God has given Sydney and me Psalm 16:5-9, 11.


This is a time that God will use to bring the church together in a wonderful way. It is not a time to "move on" but a time to unite. Your faithfulness should not be to Ralph Wingate, but to Calvary Baptist however first and foremost to the Lord. This is His church and He has placed you here for a reason, now we need you more than ever as we continue His work. The next pastor will have new ways and new ideas but the 7 most deadly words in a church are:"We never did it this way before."


It is a time for new vision and although I will not lead it I will be here to help and then thank the Lord for what He continues to do through Calvary.


Thank you for the 30 years you have allowed me to be your pastor. For some, I have been the only pastor you have ever known, for others I have been your pastor longer than any other man. We have laughed together, cried together, prayed together and rejoiced together, may we continue to do so.


And in my fashion, Okay, pastor, what can we learn from this? God is still God, God has been good, God will provide, and it is still all about Him.


Pastor Ralph Wingate 


Calvary Kids Update

Kid'z Ministry is plowing ahead with our renovations in the basement! Our computerized check-in system is here and we're having fun getting that up and running as soon as possible. The problem is we have more work to do than we have time.  


So we are moving our Grand Opening from this Sunday to Sunday February 3rd, "Super Bowl" Sunday. Maybe we should call it our "Kick Off" Sunday. We sure could use your help on this Saturday for another work day. We'll be here working from 11-3 again. Come join us.

Are you having problems getting to know people at Calvary? Why don't you consider coming to an Adult Bible Fellowship after the morning service. There are groups for all ages and one even meets in the auditorium. You will be done by 11:45am and childcare is provided.   

Click on the banner for more information. There will be a preview night on Sunday, Jan. 27th at 5:00pm.

Awana begins tonight.

Easter Pageant 2013 time is here. We are in need of a lot of people to be involved this year. If you are interested in doing something for the Pageant, please email Ashton.

Here are some of the ways you can help:
Greeters/ushers, food service, child care, parking, costumes, makeup, props, choir, orchestra, drama, construction crew.  
Did you miss Sunday?

Sunday AM Music 01-06-2013 HD
Sunday AM Music 01-06-2013
Sunday AM Sermon 01-06-2013
Sunday AM Sermon 01-06-2013
"What Does God Want of You in 2013"
Sunday PM Sermon 01-06-2013 HD
Sunday PM Sermon 01-06-2013

Over the holidays, the high school gym had a visitor. Jennifer Lumsdon, CCA parent, once again did her handiwork on the west wall. You will remember that Mrs. Lumsdon painted the Knight on the horse on the east wall last year. It looks wonderful!

Jennifer Lumsdon is the owner of Jen's Finishing Touch. No project is too large or small. If you would like more information on her work, you can call Jennifer at 309-706-4221 or online at Calvary Christian Academy is grateful to have parents who put their talents to good use.

This Week @ CBC
Wed 01/09: Midweek Service:
Bible Study w/Pastor (Auditorium),
Awana 6:00pm,
Youth Group 6:00pm,
Choir & Orchestra practice 7:30pm

Thurs 01/10: MOM's 8:30am,
Women's Connection Hour 10:00am

Fri 01/11: CCA Girls JH Volleyball vs. Decatur Christian 6/7:00pm 
Sat 01/12: 
Men's Prayer Breakfast 7:00am,
Upward Games 8:30am-4:00pm,
Widows Oil Change 9:00am 

Sun 01/13: Morning Worship Service  9:30am,
ABF & Sunday School 11:00am,
"Journey Through the Word" radio program WBNH 4:30pm,
Evening Service 6:00pm

Mon 01/14: CCA 8th grade boys basketball vs. UniHigh 6:00pm

Tues 01/15: MOM's 8:30am,
CCA JH Boys Basketball vs. Decatur LSA 6:15/7:15pm   
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Looking Forward

Feb 12: Financial Peace University classes begin

Feb 16:  Legacy Five Concert

Mar 15,16,17: Easter Pageant "Light of the World"  
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