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Port Forges Ahead to Expedite Channel Improvements
In 2005, the Port Authority voted to blaze a trail by following the little-used Section 203 process to prepare for major channel improvements by the Army Corps of Engineers. However, the standard process, which leaves preliminary studies and testing to the Corps, can take a decade-and-a-half to complete. With larger ships already in residence, Port Canaveral is expediting its widening and deepening project by funding and submitting its own pre-construction studies and tests.
Several steps have been completed, including an initial positive review by the Corps of Engineers. At the April Board meeting, Commissioners approved funding for soil testing needed to gain environmental approval for offshore disposal of removed materials. The Port's goal is final Corps approval in October 2012 and start of construction in July 2013. However, Congressional funds appropriation remains a hurdle to be crossed before work on the federal channel can begin.
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State of the Port Event Highlights Maritime Week
This year, Florida World Trade Month includes a week focused on Florida's 15 deepwater seaports. At Port Canaveral, Maritime Week events include a special observance of Federal Maritime Day on May 22 and a public harbor tour aboard the Blue Dolphin on Friday, May 18. Guests will meet at Freddie Patrick Park public boat ramp at 9:30 a.m. for an approximately one-hour tour. For reservations and payment, call 321-652-1052.

The Port Canaveral Propeller Club will have its own sunset cruise on the 18th aboard the Indian River Queen that will include a Maritime Memorial Ceremony. REGISTER

The annual State of the Port Business Community Briefing will be taking place on Monday, May 21 from 9:00 to 10:30 a.m. It includes a year-in-review wrap-up by CEO Stan Payne of Port progress, plans, challenges and the impact on Central Florida jobs and business. REGISTER
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CT6 Parking GarageNew Retail Opportunities Coming
The new parking garage being constructed near Cruise Terminal 6 will be the first at the Port to incorporate retail space. The 19,000 square-foot retail shell is expected to attract a mix of coffee/snack/food shops, gift stores and retailers that supply convenience products and services to cruise passengers and crewmembers. A realtor will be selected in May to represent and market the space. If you have questions now, please call the Port's Tenant Relations office at 321-783-7831 ext. 247. The garage is scheduled to open this summer.

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