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Issue: # 16 Sept. 21, 2010
Captain Sally's Baffin Fishing Retreat
The Folks That Make It Happen
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Man, Its hard to believe how fast time flies these days. I was warned by my grandmother it would be this way. Aches and pains are a little more numerous and don't seem to go away quite as fast. But, I'm not letting it get me down. In fact, being a newlywed, I am feeling extra energized these days. Fishing has been a little slow but we managed to catch some nice trout up to 28 1/2" this month and some really nice "tournament" redfish. The high waters have kept the fish scattered but I think our prospects are very good for the fall and early spring. The waters have already cooled significantly and we all know that will signal the redfish to begin gorging themselves in preparation for their annual migration. I'm sure y'all heard we had a fish kill in Baffin too recently. A lot of misinformation was spread around and you can get my take on the matter in the most recent edition of Saltwater Angler. Here is a link to my article: Capt. Blacks Guidelines. Give us a call and book your Trophy Trout trips for January - May. They are already beginning to fill up so don't miss out on your chance at a trout of a lifetime.
Captain Sally and I were a part of the inaugural class of Certified Wildlife Guides in a program designed and implemented by the Corpus Christi Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) and the Texas A&M Extension office recently. After several days of intensive training and the completion of an on-line program, we are now CERTIFIED!
The program included saltwater and freshwater fish, plants, birds, animals, tracking, history and culture of our area.
The city of Corpus Christi and the surrounding areas recognize how important fishing, birding and eco-tourism is and are going to be very aggressively promoting it. We are proud to have been picked to help them start the program.
Captain Sally's Baffin Fishing Retreat
Join us for a memorable fun time on the water on legendary Baffin Bay. Learn the techniques that will help you catch your "fish of a lifetime". You will hear mini-seminars from veteran guide Capt. Sally Moffett focusing on shallow water tactics. You will also be able to sit in on skull sessions with trout specialist Capt. Aubrey Black and pick his brain on what to look for where and when. Capt. Tom Crouch will answer your questions and provide you with insightful knowledge in his specialty, live bait fishing. Invite your friends and your family and we will take care of your needs and teach you what works in our famous bay system.
Capt. Black (210-355-5091)
Capt. Sally (361-205-0624)
for more details


Arrive Thursday evening and enjoy a relaxed Happy Hour and get together. Speak to the Captains and prepare your gear for the following day of fishing.

FRIDAY: Get up bright and really early on Friday morning, eat a hearty breakfast and depart with your guide for a full day of fishing. An on-the-water lunch will be provided. Get back to home base around 2pm, grab a cold one and take a dip in the very refreshing pool. Hang out poolside or
ake a nap, then get ready to enjoy a nice dinner. After dinner, there will be a question and answer session and mini-seminars by Capt. Black, Capt. Sally and Capt. Tom.

SATURDAY: Get up and do it all over again!

SUNDAY: Breakfast around 7:00am, then depart before noon, refreshed and full of new fishing knowledge!

Open to only 30 people, please sign up quickly! Due to the fact that this retreat is just weeks away, there is a $250 deposit required upon signup.
Hope to see you at the very first retreat of 2010
Capt. Sally and Capt. Black Sunrise Wedding

Planning a wedding on the water doesn't seem like much of a challenge, I'm sure that brides do it all the time. Throw in the fact that it happened at sunrise on a remote sandbar in Baffin Bay and there were some logistical challenges to overcome, to say the least!
Capt. Aubrey Black and I thought that we'd have about 20 people join us to celebrate our wedding ceremony. As the RSVP's came rolling in, it was a surprise when nearly 100 people decided to attend our ceremony at sunrise on Baffin Bay. One catch, more than 40 people didn't have a boat ride!
A big spreadsheet was in order to figure out who was coming with a boat, how many people they were bringing and how much room they had to ferry more people to the sand bar at Los Corrallos. After a pretty hairy week, the logistics were resolved. We matched boats and drivers with riders and twenty two boats launched with 85 people on board in the dark and drove the 15 miles across the bay to our wedding destination. Seasoned boat drivers lead the way, and everyone made it to the sand bar on time, without incident.
The ceremony was beautiful in the pre-dawn glow. Our rings were tossed in by anglers casting them to us, tied to topwater lures. Our friends and family were gathered around us in the knee-deep waters of the sandbar and there were smiles all-around. The setting was surreal and the event was filled with laughter and love. How blessed we both are to have family and great clients who would go through everything it took to get there, to share our joy that day.
The sun came up at 7:08am on that beautiful morning as we said our vows. The weather was perfect, with light winds and bright-colored clouds. After the champagne, hugs and congratulations, Capt. Black jumped up on the poling platform of my Curlew and poled us down the bar while I perched in the casting basket, rod in hand.
Most everyone joined us for some fishing, spreading out on the grass flats around the area. Lots of great fish were caught before everyone headed back in for the reception which began at noon.
The reception was filled with joy and great food, music, dancing and drinking. After getting up at 4am, it was great to see everyone still so energized! As the sun set that day and the party was winding down, Aubrey and I sipped champagne and still couldn't believe how perfect everything was, how much fun we had and what we had just experienced. Thank you to everyone who shared our wedding day with us, we'll never forget it!

Article courtesy Capt. Sally Black

Flights of blue winged teal are all over Baffin right now. Its exciting to run down the south shoreline and watch these beautiful birds. Duck season is just around the corner (Oct. 30) and we are ready down here. Soon we will be witnessing some of the sights and sounds in South Texas that make living here so great. Rocksy, Kelly and Retta are really looking forward to this season and we hope a lot of you are too. South zone dove season opened Sept. 17 and
despite the overabundance of rainfall we have experienced this year, the hunting has been fantastic.
Get the jump on your buddies and book your Cast & Blast (Dove Hunt) or Blast & Cast (Duck Hunt) today and save $$$. Two mornings of fishing in Baffin Bay followed by two afternoons of fantastic South Texas dove hunting, all meals, (non-alcoholic) drinks, and three nights lodging included. Regular price $700 per person ((3 person minimum) now $650 per person (3 person minimum). If duck hunting is more your style, we offer 2 mornings of duck hunting on the waters of Baffin Bay followed by two afternoons of fishing in the Mecca of Big Trout. All meals, (non-alcoholic) drinks, and 3 nights lodging. Regular price $700 per person (3 person minimum) now $650 per person (3 person minimum).
Retta, Kelly and Rocksy chilling poolside
Capt. Sally and I are ready to make your next outdoor adventure a memorable one so give us a call:
361-205-0624 or 210-355-5091 or you can check out our websites Capt. Sally or Capt. Black
This has been a most exciting and interesting time in our lives and the future is looking pretty good. Sally and I have vowed to be very supportive of each other through whatever ventures and adventures we take on. That will translate to some pretty exciting times for all of our clients and friends. We really look forward to the next few months and are interested to see what happens next. Hope to see many of you down here in the near future.

Aubrey Black
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