Greetings from the Executive Vice President
Carlos F. Perez, MSN, MBA, RN-BC

Despite significant challenges, which continue to test our communities, it is an exciting time for PACE. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the most difficult times in recent memory, the PACE care model has proven to be strong and flexible, with outcomes demonstrating PACE is an effective and resilient way to care for our vulnerable seniors. Thus, with a growing tide of support, the PACE community is set to experience unprecedented growth and expansion. To meet the demand head-on, CareVention Healthcare is investing heavily in the future and doubling our efforts in PACE with a renewed commitment to innovation and quality. This issue of The PACE Pulse describes some of these new initiatives. 

It is an exciting time indeed, and I look forward to, together, ushering in an even more collaborative, supportive, and transparent relationship with our partners for the benefit of PACE participants. 
New Names, New Looks: CareVention HealthCare Brands Update

Several brands within the CareVention HealthCare division of Tabula Rasa HealthCare (TRHC) have transitioned to new names reflecting the services they provide within the division. Cognify and Mediture are now CareVention HealthCare EHR/Integrated Technology Solutions, and Capstone Performance Systems is now Capstone Risk Adjustment Services. The technical assistance center (TAC) consulting unit is now CareVention HealthCare Consulting Services, or CareVention Consulting Consulting for short. These units have operated as service lines of CareVention HealthCare, and this transition further streamlines the CareVention HealthCare family of services focused on value-based care solutions. Along with the brand transitions, you will also notice updated logos and word marks reflecting the new identities. In the coming months, PeakTPA will transition to CareVention HealthCare Third Party Administration.

Services will be delivered and attended to by the same expert teams you know and trust. We continue to drive innovation in our offerings and remain committed to supporting clients who are using our existing products and services.  

CareVention HealthCare Launches Remote Patient Monitoring Service

CareVention HealthCare recently launched Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM). RPM provides continuous, real-time tracking of a patient’s vital signs and symptoms, and alerts the participant’s healthcare provider of any changes that warrant attention. Remote monitoring enables a provider to intervene quickly when necessary and focus resources on participants most in need of care. RPM can improve patient health and safety and decrease unnecessary, costly utilization, such as ER visits and hospital admissions.

Precision Pharmacotherapy for PACE Participants:
CareKinesis, Pharmastar Offer PGx for Clients

CareKinesis, a service of CareVention HealthCare, and Pharmastar, its pharmacy benefits services partner, now offer pharmacogenomic (PGx) testing. PGx looks at the relationship between variations in specific genes and variability in drug response. A study by the Precision Pharmacotherapy Research & Development Institute (PPR&DI) of TRHC, parent company of CareVention HealthCare, found that nearly 74% of PACE participants were on a medication for which they did not have the genes to fully metabolize or had multiple gene copies. PGx testing can help answer questions about dosage, efficacy, and side effects, and can guide a prescriber in personalizing an individual’s medication regimen. 

While testing is offered by other pharmacy providers, CareVention HealthCare’s PGx testing is coupled with our proprietary medication safety reviews, including specific interventions to enhance safety and therapeutic outcomes, by clinical pharmacists board-certified in geriatric pharmacy. The PPR&DI study also demonstrated a cost savings of nearly $2,000 per participant when PGx testing was implemented in conjunction with such consultations. 

Learn more about PGx testing here.
Innovative Pharmacy Solutions Ensure PACE Success: LIFE St. Francis and Trinity LIFE Health
In celebration of CareKinesis’ 10 years of excellence in PACE, we spotlight LIFE St. Francis, Bordentown, New Jersey, and Trinity Health LIFE, Pennsauken, New Jersey, the first organizations to partner with CareKinesis.

In this story about the success of both clients, Lisa Zavorski, executive director of LIFE St. Francis, discusses her satisfaction with the organization’s long-term partnership with CareKinesis. “Over the years, CareKinesis has grown in quality, clinical initiative offerings, and how they support PACE programs. They keep up with the industry and assist with all of the challenges of managing a PACE organization."

Sister Marge Sullivan, executive director of Trinity Health LIFE, adds, “There’s always a sense that CareKinesis is doing one more thing to improve the care of our PACE participants. They look at the quality and the efficacy of medications, as well as cost.”

Study Shows Correlation of Elevated MedWise® Risk Score with Premature Death

Researchers from the TRHC PPR&DI, in collaboration with researchers from the DARTNet Institute and the Department of Clinical Pharmacy, Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Colorado, recently published “Longitudinal Association of a Medication Risk Score With Mortality Among Ambulatory Patients Acquired Through Electronic Health Record Data” in the peer-reviewed Journal of Patient Safety. Based on an evaluation of 427,103 electronic health records, the study demonstrated that the MedWiseTM Risk Score (MRS) could identify medication regimens that put individuals at high risk for premature death, adjusting for multi-comorbidities and other conditions. The hazard ratio for those over 65 was 2.42, higher for the age group of 50-64 at 4.95, and even higher for younger age groups.

Adverse drug events (ADEs) are a leading cause of death in the United States. Having the MRS to help predict who is at risk for an ADE empowers pharmacists and physicians, working collaboratively, to increase the safety of medication regimens. Improved safety can lead to better outcomes for participants, reduce utilization and total costs, and prevent premature death.
CareKinesis Introduces Medication Delivery Enhancements

CareKinesis, known for best-in-class medication safety and services, including delivery, announced two new enhancements to its home and PACE-center delivery services, the Door2Door chain of custody app and Door2Door participant communications.

Door2Door Chain of Custody App
Door2Door is an app that allows PACE plans to track, document, and audit the status of medication distribution to the point of delivery, either participant or caregiver. The app is accessible from any connected device - smart phone, tablet, or computer - allowing custodial changes to be recorded at every point. It provides real-time status of medications in transit to the participant, eliminates the need for paper tracking, and tracks chain of custody data. The app does not require any special downloads, and set up is quick and easy.

Door2Door Participant Communications
CareKinesis will provide information about medication deliveries via voice and text messages to PACE participants and/or their designated caregivers who opt in for the service. Notifications about delivery and tracking are sent from CareKinesis Pharmacy’s telephone number, so participants know who is calling and how to contact us. Enhanced communications include automated and customized messaging.

For more information on the Door2Door app or to learn more about participant communications, contact your CareKinesis client liaison. To learn more about CareKinesis medication safety and pharmacy services, call 888-9-PharmD or email
Capstone Announces Concurrent CPT Encounter Coding Service

Capstone's new Concurrent CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) Encounter Coding service offers remote professional encounter data and diagnosis coding for a specified discipline(s). Capstone’s certified coders query providers about specific documentation as required and code directly in client organizations’ existing EHRs. Call 844-683-5302 or email for more information today!
CareVention HealthCare EHR/Integrated Technology Solutions:
End-to-End HomeCare Powered by AlayaCare

The COVID-19 pandemic forced PACE programs across the country to provide some, if not all, medical and social services in participants’ homes. For many programs, tracking home visits, keeping records, and managing operations added to the challenge. AlayaCare End-to-End HomeCare from CareVention HealthCare EHR/Integrated Technology Solutions is a cloud-based software platform that provides a comprehensive solution for your home care needs.

AlayaCare End-to-End HomeCare platform effectively integrates your program’s home care activities with your PACE center’s technology. Among its many features, AlayaCare offers clinical documentation and scheduling functions, including electronic workflows and form submissions, and fully integrated scheduling, payroll, and billing. A Family portal allows key family members and caregivers to access care information, including progress reports, and the Care Worker Mobile App offers Electronic Visit Verification (EVV), visit monitoring, and real-time messaging. AlayaCare integrates with CareVention HealthCare’s TruChart and PACElogic solutions.

For more information on the AlayaCare End-to-End HomeCare platform, email or call 866-335-3413.
CASE STUDY: Reid Health
From Exploring PACE to Operating a Successful Program

In 2018, Reid Health embarked on exploring PACE to expand its mission of working to achieve “wholeness–in body, mind, and spirit…” for those they serve. On November 1, 2020, Reid Health PACE opened with the capacity to serve more than 300 seniors. Read about Reid Health’s journey to develop and operationalize PACE, the challenges they faced, and the guidance provided by CareVention HealthCare Consulting Services that helped them achieve their goal. 

You’re invited: T21 Experiences 
TRHC, parent company of CareVention HealthCare, is proud to introduce T21 Experiences, a curated series of virtual activities designed to educate, entertain, and engage. TRHC is providing a front-row seat to conversations with industry leaders, delighting the senses with interactive classes, and inviting you to read alongside our community of readers and learners. Each monthly experience is hosted by a TRHC team member.

On June 15 from 1 to 2 p.m. (EDT), T21 will present a book club featuring award-winning activist Ashley Bendiksen and her book, The Language of Time. The live Q&A session will be hosted by Ankur Patel, MD, MBA, FAAFP, Chief Medical Officer of TRHC and a former PACE medical director.

For more information and to view upcoming events, visit the T21 webpage or email
Calendar of Activities
June 15, 4 to 5 pm (EDT): PACElogic 101
Topics vary by session. For questions, email or call 866-335-3413Register here. 

June 16-17: PACE Association of Michigan Annual Conference (virtual).
CareVention HealthCare is a proud partner of the PACE Association of Michigan. In addition to being an exhibitor, CareVention HealthCare is sponsoring the Awards Ceremony and several of our team members will be co-presenting sessions:

  • Be Prepared for CMS Audits: Trends and Best Practices in the PACE World, June 17, 10:15 to 11:15 a.m. EDT by Jenn Ovide, Senior PACE Consultant, CareVention Consulting, co-presenting with Rena Smith, MPA, of Gary and Mary West PACE.
  • Specialty Drug Trends and Recommendations for PACE Organizations (on-demand) with Richard Mueller, PharmD, MBA, MS, Vice President of Clinical Strategy, Pharmastar, co-presenting with Janis Rood, PharmD, BCACP, BCGP, Director of Pharmacy and Integrated Clinical Services, PACE Southeast Michigan,
  • Renal Disease in PACE Participants: Perspectives Around the Table (on-demand) co-presented by Ankur Patel, MD, Chief Medical Officer, CareKinesis/Tabula Rasa HealthCare, and Edward Foote, PharmD, University of the Sciences, Philadelphia.

Learn more about the PACE Association of Michigan's Annual Conference here.

June 22, 4 to 5 p.m. (EDT), PACElogic User Group Meeting
User Group topics vary by session. For more information contact us at or 1-866-335-3413. Register for this event here

Save the Dates:
July 14 and 15: PACElogic User Conference
More details and invitation to follow. Contact or 1-800-430-2045 for information.

August 17 and 18: TruChart PACE User Conference.
More details and information to follow. Contact or 1-800-430-2045 for information.

September 9 and 10: Clinical Advisory Panel (CAP) Meeting
Gathering of PACE medical directors who are clients of CareKinesis. Contact your CareKinesis client liaison for information.

October 29 and 30: CareVention HealthCare Advisory Summit for PACE Executives.
Annual gathering of CareVention HealthCare clients. Email for information.
For information on the complete family of services offered by CareVention HealthCare, visit or contact