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Carestream Contract Manufacturing  is a proven provider of precision contract coating services for advanced materials applications. 

In this newsletter and on our  blog we share technical insights from subject-matter experts, updates about contract manufacturing capabilities, and details about where you can find us at upcoming industry events.

Resisting the penetration of moisture and gasses is vital for many types of products, including pharmaceutical, food packaging and electronics. Moisture barrier materials are normally applied as coatings or membranes to help protect sensitive products. Carestream applies barrier coatings with permeability values to fit each application.  FULL ARTICLE

Hardcoated films improve performance and protect against abrasions, scratches and chemicals, either in finished products or during manufacturing processes. Carestream devised a stringent hardness testing process for hardcoat films used in electronic, display, graphic and optical applications. We tailor our testing methods to meet applicable standards and individual project requirements. LEARN MORE


Casting is a highly precise, low-cost process for manufacturing flexible thin, flat components such as acoustic membranes, battery and fuel cell separators, and energy recovery membranes. Carestream's engineers help determine the best coating or casting method for each project. We solve casting's unique challenges to optimize quality, performance and cost-efficient commercial production.FULL ARTICLE
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About Carestream Tollcoating

About Carestream  Tollcoating
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Symposium on Advanced Wound Care

April 29-May 3

San Antonio, TX


Display Week 2015

Booth #145

May 31-June 5

San Jose, CA 


MD&M East

June 9-11

New York, NY


Carestream Contract Manufacturing enables cost-effective, large volume precision coating of 
many demanding  custom cast films and membranes . Our coating assets feature the longest and most  precision-controlled ovens  in North America (up to 2,000 ft) to coat extremely uniform films at 
high line speeds. We create stand-alone "free films" by casting aqueous dispersions, polymers 
dissolved in organic solvents or 100% solids formulations. These solutions may be cast onto a 
release liner with specific properties to manage film quality and specific release requirements or 
adhered to a desired substrate.