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September 2014 
Headlines and Updates!

CVIF says goodbye to Darcey Dinh   We are thankful for the last two years of service and gifts Darcey brought to our leadership team.  Darcey has accepted a position with the Diocese of Orlando and will still be involved with CVIF as much as possible- SEE YOU AT RETREATS DARCEY, YOU WILL BE MISSED!

We welcome Julie McElmurry to our team.  Julie will be leading our retreats and formation.  Julie comes to CVIF with a wealth and breath of experience and knowledge and has been in Campus ministry and facilitating retreats for over 15 years.

October retreat  


Orientation 2014-2015!
Welcome CVIF class of 2014-2015!  Here are some highlights.

The five-day orientation was in Orlando and we had a wonderful time and lots of visitors! The week was full of challenges, paperwork and best of all new friends. 
We enjoyed the weather and started the week off with a scavenger hunt to get to know the retreat center and each other. Apparently one of the items was to find a coconut (although I don't remember seeing that one on my list Alex!)

Monday we "enjoyed" the great paperwork chase and handbook review- you know the one going over the pet policy and the now infamous dating policy.   We also shared (over and over again with each new presenter) where we are from and our degree.    
The rest of the week was organized with one engaging presentation after another.  Thank you Heidi Peckam, John Geiger, Darcey, Valarie, Rebecca, Fr George, Lauren, Vanessa, Gerry, Sandy, Elaine, Amanda and everyone else who visited us and presented for us.  You made us all excited for this new adventure and journey.

My highlight was really getting to know all of these other amazing volunteers.  We came from all over the country with all different backgrounds and yet we all share this amazing bond.  I look forward to developing these relationships this year, growing in my spirituality, and serving those who I have never met but who I know will change my life!




 Alumni Highlights 


Cristina (Ferrara) & Josh Markland

Lauren (Halstead) & Cody King 

Kate (Hibbard) & Derek Gibbons 

Jonathan & Stephanie Keenan

Welcome these beautiful babies...

Kristen Barry                            James Buckley

Agata Gardner                           Kevin Johnson

Michael Simms graduated! RN. BSN

Rebecca (Condon) Staub graduated!  Doctor! Doctor!

Vanessa Hornado is following her journalism dream! 


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Serving at Second Harvest Food Bank!



SECOND HARVEST FOOD BANK- We came, we boxed, we served!!


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