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Catholic Volunteers in Florida is dedicated to providing people of all faiths the opportunity to volunteer for a year and live out their faith by serving the diverse needs of the people of Florida. Catholic Volunteers work towards justice and peace, transforming the community they serve as well as themselves. 
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Upcoming Events/Dates   
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 May 31:Application Deadline  *EXTENDED
We are still interviewing for our 2015 service year which begins July 27 in Orlando; interested applicants should have a heart for serving in the following positions and populations:
  •  Adults and children with developmental disablities
  • Social services case manager
  • Advocate for children and teens in the dependency system
  • Families in transition seeking emergency financial services
  • Youth ministry 
June 27-29: Closing Retreat in Orlando   Alumni and friends are welcome at the Recommissioning Ceremony being held at John Vianney Catholic Church after the 5pm Mass on Saturday with Bishop Noonan!  Please contact Darcey Dinh at 407-426-7771 for more details.  
July 27-31:  Orientation of the NEW class!    Meet and greet dinner for service sites, alumni (that means you class of 2014!),  and friends will be scheduled in the next few weeks...  SAVE THE DATES!  It is a great opportunity to meet the new class and share your wisdom!


Spring Miami Retreat
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The five-day spring retreat was held in Miami and though we weren't right near the beach we had beautiful Biscayne Bay within walking distance which was nice in the breezy afternoons. The week was full of challenges against my comfort beginning with the invitation to host the book discussion on The Matthew Kelly's Rhythm of Life to the Thursday night Talent Show in which we all had to participate. Those of you who know me personally know my fear of being in front of people.  Arriving at the Archdiocesan Youth Center that Monday automatically put my mind a bit more at ease because I was reminded that these people aren't strangers, they're friends. 
One of the most engaging topics was the discussion on the difference between taking action and simply having intention. Does intending to be a good person even though some of your habits may speak against that or is the intention itself enough to save you?
Tuesday was full of guest speakers and tons of information. It started with Father Pat O'Neill, CVIF founder, hosting a mass in the retreat center chapel. We heard a talk on vocation (where are we being lead to use our gifts) with Sister Mary from Religious Sacred Hearts of Mary during which she challenged us to pay more attention to our gifts and talents and how we are using them. We also heard from Miguel of the Allegany Franciscan Foundation (who brought us pizza for lunch!) about the difference between justice and charity. Wednesday we participated in a group service project at Camillus House.  

The rest of the week continued with a resume writing workshop (I've got lots of fixing to do with mine) and a full day of silence. I spent my silent day reading, basking in the sun, journaling and doing a bit of sketching. 
This retreat focused a lot on who we have become and how we want to portray that to the world once this service year is over. 
What kind of jobs will we apply for? 
How will we promote social justice in a world full of easy fixes? 
How can we find quiet time to reflect within ourselves? 
What's the difference between being successful and being significant? 
I learned how much fun it can be to step outside my comfort zone once in a while, it isn't so bad out there. And although there is still a ton to discover, the great thing about this retreat was that I saw that I wasn't dealing with these anxieties alone. Every one of us had something we were nervous about, something we needed to overcome. We all realized the service year is almost up. Being the best in the world and the being the best for the world are two different things.

We all are hoping to become successful in a significant way and 

most of all we want to show the world that together we really can all make great changes whether that be with our writing, our healing hands, or our joyful spirits.




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Upcoming Events/Dates
Spring Miami Retreat
Serving at Camillus House

CVIF Service with a Smile!
Camillus House

During our April retreat in Miami, we were blessed with the opportunity to serve those in need at Camillus House; an organization that provides many services to the homeless population in Miami.  Saying that Camillus House is a homeless shelter, is a grave understatement for the services and environment that they work so hard to provide for their guests and residents.  The staff strives hard to provide a hand up, not a hand out.

When we arrived on the property of Camillus House we were met by friendly staff, immaculate facilities, and a sense of home.  There is pride taken in providing a safe place for the homeless to eat, where they are treated like people, where they can receive mail, and feel safe and secure.  Of the service projects we have done through CVIF, my time at Camillus House has left the largest impact on me.  I was able to walk away and know that there is hope for those in need.  They are seeking to improve the lives of their residents by empowering them to make the changes that will no longer render them homeless, but rather fill them with pride and hope to change the outcome of their lives. I, personally, felt honored to be able to serve there by assisting the kitchen staff by serving a meal to those in need.






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