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Children's Services Council of 
 Martin County October 2016 Newsletter
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Safety Tips for
Trick or Treating!

1. Look both ways before crossing the street. 

2. Always trick or treat with an adult.

3. Try to avoid masks or costumes that destruct your view.

4. Inspect candy before consumption.

5. Take extra precaution when driving on Halloween Night. 

Children's Services Council of  
Martin County 
Awards 3 Partnership Grants!
The Children's Services Council of Martin County has awarded three partnership grants of $25,000 each to the Father Child Resource Center, SafeSpace and House of Hope.  
The Father & Child Resource Center, a division of the Martin County Healthy Start Coalition, will work with fathers to enhance the healthy growth and development of their children, regardless of family circumstances.   The Father & Child Resource center offers services such as childbirth education for new fathers, family law forums to address issues separating fathers from their children, and parenting education for custodial and non-custodial fathers. 

The SafeSpace prevention program will provide teens with the skills and knowledge to build healthy relationships while preventing them from becoming a victim or perpetrator of dating or domestic violence. The Y.O.U.R.  (Youth Outreach Understanding Relationships) curriculum includes active listening and communication styles, the dynamics of abusive/healthy relationships, establishing personal boundaries and safety planning.  The program will be offered in 7 of the Martin County middle and high schools reaching approximately 1,000 students.
The Gardening to Grow Healthy Children project with the House of Hope will offer children hands-on gardening experience. Children will assist in the creation, planting, tending and harvesting of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs at the community gardens in Banner Lake, Golden Gate and Palm City. The participating children will also be offered age-appropriate nutrition education and cooking components.
To learn more about these programs and other programs supported by the Children's Services Council of Martin County, please visit our website at cscmc.org.