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Welcome to the very first edition of the quarterly Civiltec Engineering newsletter!

The work we do is so much about community - building, growing, and supporting the people of Southern California. In celebration of that fact, we have designed our new company newsletter to reach out to you, our community, and share the news of projects we are excited to be working on. We hope you enjoy catching up, and if it's been a while, drop us a line. We would love to hear your news as well.

Valley County Water District 
Master Plan Adopted
On May 12, 2014 the Valley County Water District Board of Directors approved an updated Water Master Plan prepared by Civiltec Engineering, Inc. 

Civiltec was brought on to update the master plan to reflect a number of changes the District has made to its distribution system. Over the past few years, the District has dedicated a treatment facility to local groundwater cleanup and transitioned away from imported water to help meet the growing demand for water in the area. 

The Water Master Plan created by Civiltec is a snapshot of the performance of the distribution system, a projection of future water demand, and an evaluation of how the future demand will impact the performance of the current system. Read more...

Santa Clarita Water Division

3.75MG Tank Completed

Beginning in 2008, the Santa Clarita Water Division and Civiltec embarked on a tank siting study to identify four potential locations for a new 3.75 million gallon water storage tank. The tank was conceptualized to alleviate a storage deficiency in the critical Catala Pressure Zone.


Once a suitable location was identified and approved, Civiltec commenced the process of planning, designing and supporting construction of the tank and its associated 24-inch transmission pipeline.


As part of the process, Civitlec issued a waiver request to California Department of Public Health (CDPH) to keep freeboard at 2-feet. Motivation for the request was proof that the tank could be strengthened to meet both AWWA D-100 and CalARP standards. Civiltec engineers have been working on updated tank designs that reduce construction materials, improve water quality, maximize system capacity, and reduce corrosion, all while satisfying the established CalARP requirements for water tank integrity. Read more...

Thank you for being a part of Civiltec's community. We couldn't be more proud of the work we do and people we do it with. 

W. David Byrum, P.E.
Senior Vice President and Principal Engineer
Civiltec Engineering, Inc.

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C. Shem Hawes, P.E.
After receiving his degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Utah, Mr. Hawes went to work for the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works where he held the title of Senior Civil Engineering Assistant. 

After three years with the County, Hawes accepted a position as Project Engineer at Aqua Engineering, Inc. His responsibilities at Aqua included the planning, designing and construction management of wastewater treatment facilities. He was intimately involved with development of mass balance models for waste water treatment processes which integrated recycled and utility water return and solids handling into the overall loading of the plant. 

Currently, Mr. Hawes is a Senior Engineer and Associate at Civiltec Engineering, Inc. His primary responsibilities include master planning of water and wastewater systems, design and project management of water and wastewater facilities, including booster pump stations, lift stations, reservoirs and water treatment facilities. 

Over his tenure at Civiltec Mr. Hawes has been integral in developing relationships with clientele and interacting at multiple levels with business partners and owners to develop solutions for water, wastewater and public works projects. He has been the responsible engineer for over 200 unique planning, design and analytical projects while acting in the roles of Project Manager and Senior Engineer. 

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