A Message from WES Director Greg Geist
Building Resiliency for the Future
Resilience is the ability to reduce the magnitude of disruptive and challenging events or circumstances and quickly recover from difficult situations.

For Water Environment Services (WES), increasing resiliency is the driving force behind all of our work.

In addition to ensuring that we have the infrastructure and capacity to meet the needs of a growing population, WES also maintains existing equipment and replaces it as it ages.

The WES infrastructure includes more than 340 miles of sewer pipes, 21 wastewater pumping stations and five water resource recovery facilities, which we use to provide wastewater treatment services for you and more than 165,000 other customers.

WES is currently expanding our Tri-City Water Resource Recovery Facility in Oregon City to accommodate growth in our region. We are also upgrading our Kellogg Facility in Milwaukie, replacing aging equipment and performing other improvements, including increased odor control.

Another top priority for WES is making sure that our infrastructure is prepared for natural disasters.
WES is now performing a seismic upgrade to our 82 nd Drive Pedestrian Bridge that connects Gladstone and Oregon. Once finished, the bridge will provide vital passage over the Clackamas River for emergency vehicles in the event of a catastrophic earthquake.

WES also manages surface water infrastructure to protect our waterways from pollution carried by stormwater runoff.

The new Carli Creek Water Quality Project filters pollutants from runoff from industrial properties before they reach the Clackamas River, which is the drinking water source for nearly 400,000 people in Clackamas County. We celebrated the opening of the facility on World Water Day .

Clean water is the biggest lifesaver in human history, which is often taken for granted. It takes hard work, dedicated people, and well-planned projects to produce clean water for our loved ones and the environment, which is the mission WES commits itself to every day of the year.

Greg Geist, WES Director
SOLVE Summer Waterway Cleanups Kickoff
WES is proud to partner with SOLVE in Summer Waterway Cleanups. Join us on Thursday, May 23 from 9am to Noon at the 3 Creeks Natural Area in Milwaukie!

Fats, Oils and Grease
Fats, oils and grease (FOG) are found in common foods and food ingredients such as meat, fish, butter, cooking oil, mayonnaise, milk, gravies, sauces and food scraps. If poured down the sink drain or into your garbage disposal, FOG could build up over time by sticking to the sides of sewer pipes and cause expensive and unpleasant overflows and maintenance costs.

A Video Tour of the Tri-City Water Resource Recovery Facility
Learn about the Tri-City Water Resource Recovery Facility and how it cleans millions of gallons of wastewater each day.
Meet the Expert: Chris Desiderati, Source Control Specialist
Stewardship of Ratepayer Dollars
We at Water Environment Services (WES) take our responsibility as stewards of ratepayer dollars seriously. Standard & Poors, the financial ratings service company, recently upgraded WES to its highest issuer credit rating of “AAA”, which indicates excellent financial health and management. S&P’s upgrade helps save money for our customers through lower interest rates for future borrowing for projects to better serve you both now and in the future.
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