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New SCHUNK PGN-plus Grippers
50% longer fingers, 50% higher gripping force
 The PGN-plus gripper's improved multi-tooth guidance enables the use of even longer gripper fingers for the same gripper size due to higher maximum moments, without overloading the guidance. Gripping with optimized interfering contours during handling tasks in confined spaces, is thereby made even easier. Permanent lubricant pockets ensure a continuous grease supply.

PGN-plus-E Gripper are the first simple electric gripper with multi-tooth guidance, digital actuation, and 24 V drive makes the changeover from pneumatic to electric components particularly easy. 

These electric grippers utilize a brushless DC servomotor for almost wear-free use and a long service life. Control via digital I/O provides easy commissioning and rapid integration into existing systems. Four-step adjustable gripping force means simple adaption to sensitive workpieces.

New AquaGard 7350 V2 Sanitary Conveyor
Enhanced safety and performance
 Dorner’s newly redesigned AquaGard 7350 V2 Series is engineered for industry standards and excels at safety and performance.

The sanitary conveyor platform features an improved frame design, nose bar transfer options, the industry’s safest and most robust curve modular chain as well as a new positive drive option.
The AquaGard 7350 is built for numerous sanitary applications within baking, snack food, pharmaceutical, pet food, packaging and other industries that require occasional wipe-down cleanings of the conveyor.

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Tolomatic IMA Servo Actuators
Hygienic actuators designed for Food & Beverage
The Tolomatic IMA servo actuators offer long life and consistent performance with multiple modifications for Food & Beverage applications.
The IMA integrates a servo motor into a ball or roller screw-driven actuator to provide efficient high force in a compact lightweight design.

  • Stainless steel rod, rod end and fasteners
  • Food grade white paint
  • IP67 rating
  • Viton seals with food grade grease

Static Electricity Removing Ionizers
Wide area fan type and overhead fan type
Koganei ionizers can eliminate static charge over an extensive range. The FA series wide area type can eliminate static charge over an extensive range. They offer two types of wide area fan type depending on the installation location and application.

On the overhead fan type , the louver and discharge needle unit can be removed by one touch, without any tools. Air supply is not required for either fan type ionizer. They offer stable, long-term performance in eliminating static charge thanks to a newly developed AC (200 Hz) format.