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Clayton Control Partners with Panasonic
Complete range of sensing and safety sensor solutions
The complete line of self-contained and amplifier separated photoelectric sensor solutions from Panasonic are anything but basic. They offer some of the smallest photoelectric sensors in the world for unmatched simplicity and versatility. Their laser amplifiers contain the same high-speed response and built-in features that can be found in the high end fiber optic amplifiers.

Panasonic offers a wide variety of machine safety products including Safety Light Curtains, Optical Touch Switches, Safety Switches, Safety Photoelectric Products.

DataMan 370 Barcode Reader
Powerful barcode reader delivers 2X speed
for greater productivity
DataMan® 370 series fixed-mount barcode readers solve challenging direct part mark (DPM) and label-based multi-code, multi-symbology applications using Cognex’s latest decoding algorithms, a multi-core processor, and new integrated lighting. With twice the performance and power of conventional readers in the same class, DataMan 370 delivers superior read performance for the broadest range of applications, including:

  •  High-speed lines
  • Difficult-to-read parts
  • Small codes
  • Multi-code, multi-symbology applications
  • Multi-sided scan tunnels

Case Handling System for Pallet Stacking
Intralox Activated Roller Belt™ (ARB) Technology  
 Dorner’s case handling conveyor is a flexible system that can handle many different sizes and patterns of cases in order to more effectively stack them on a pallet.

Dorner created this system to allow customers to create any pattern of cases they need. The cases enter the system single file and an Intralox DARB Sorter moves the cases perpendicular onto one of two lanes.
On each lane, a passive 3200 Series Conveyors with Intralox Activated Roller Belt™ (ARB) Technology justifies the package along a roller guide, correcting their orientation when necessary.

Clayton Controls is Proud to Announce that we are Now an AVENTICS Authorized Distributor
AVENTICS  is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pneumatic components, systems, and customer-specific applications. The pneumatic engineering company provides products and services for industrial automation, while additionally focusing on the sectors of commercial vehicles, food and beverage, railway technology, life sciences, energy, and marine technology.

By integrating electronics, the use of innovative materials and prioritizing trends such as machine safety and the Internet of Things, AVENTICS is a pioneer in applied and environmentally-friendly solutions.

Pneumatic Products for Efficient Solutions in Automation

AVENTICS pneumatic cylinders are particularly sturdy and resistant and each component has the best quality and design.

From the mechanically, pneumatically or electrically actuated single valve, AVENTICS product range covers all valve requirements.

High-quality filtering, control, and lubrication – all the components and accessories you need for reliable compressed air preparation.