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E Miniature Photoelectric Sensor Series
Clippard PREX Series Cylinders
Introducing the Numatics 502 Series Directional Control Valves
High flow rates and the widest range of accessories

Numatics 502 Series valves (18mm) have up to 30% greater flow than the products they replace — making them ideal for design engineers desiring a more compact valve, or for those who want to increase a machine's work capacity using the same size valve.

These new directional control valves offer the greatest range of pneumatic ‘sandwich' components (pressure regulators, pressure shut off, exhaust flow controls) that allow an almost infinite number of configurations based on the customer's requirements.

The 502 Series joins a family of high-performance sub-base mounted directional control valves (501 Series and 503 Series) that have higher flow rates; less power consumption; and exceptionally easy on-site installation, configuration, and modification.

Numatics 502 Series Valves

Case Study: Non-Spill Connectors
Providing liquid cooling confidence for IT operations

Ebullient’s corporate motto is “Cool with Confidence™”— and CPC connectors help Ebullient do just that for their precision liquid cooling systems for electronic hardware. Ebullient DirectJet™ cooling modules replace air-cooled heat sinks and sit atop the processors within the server.

There is growing interest in liquid cooling with an increasing number of small companies wanting the ease and efficiency of direct liquid cooling systems. Customers want hotswappable capability and leak-free performance to simplify their hardware maintenance.

CPC’s non-spill, quick disconnect couplings allow servers to be connected to or disconnected from cooling system without shutting it down or affecting neighboring servers. 

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Clippard's Interchange Guide
Making Cylinder Swapping Easy

Looking to replace a cylinder from another manufacturer? The website makes it easy with a built-in cylinder Interchange Guide. Just enter your cylinder part number into any search box and the Interchange Guide will identify which Clippard cylinders are most similar, complete with a full comparison.

  • BIMBA®-to-Clippard
  • Parker®-to-Clippard
  • Norgren®-to-Clippard

Interchange Guide

E Miniature Photoelectric Sensor Series
Perfect for applications with space constraints

The E Miniature series are self-contained, miniature, side and front-sensing photoelectric sensors.  The front sensing version is only 3.5mm thick.  The diffuse model offers long sensing range of up to 100mm distance. 

The E Miniature features 100G shock rating, IP67 water tightness, and available M8 3 pin quick disconnect. The operation indicator is visible on the front and back of the sensor for quick output status confirmation.

  • Thrubeam
  • Diffuse
  • Convergent Beam

E Miniature Series Sensors

Smart Vision Lights - Mini Ring Light
Most compact light with built-in Multidrive™ controller

Smart Vision Lights' smallest, most compact ring light is the RM75 mini LED ring light. The built in driver on the RM75 Series features the new MultiDrive feature which allows the user to operate the light in constant ON operation or OverDrive depending on wiring method. The industry standard 5 Pin M12 connector makes for simple wiring. The 1-10V analog control line gives the user total control over intensity in the constant ON mode. Removing the signal will put the light into OverDrive mode.


  • Driver Built In – No External Wiring To A Driver
  • 5 Pin M12 Quick Disconnect Cable
  • Over-Current Protection
  • PNP and NPN Strobe Input
  • Continuous Operation or Strobe Mode
  • (72) High Output LEDs

RM75 Mini Ring Light