Mitsubishi iQ Packaging Solution
Shortening development time for packaging machines
iQ Monozukuri Packaging is a complete and powerful engineering tool to help packaging OEMs and end users shorten development time of new machines. Reduce program development time with easy to create projects based on cam profile function blocks, sample programs, and sample GOT series HMI screens.

Flexible and scalable sample applications provide function blocks that are applicable for rotary cutter, flying shear, box motion, long dwell, and mark detection types of machines. Machine programs can be standardized for use on different machines. This product is available for both iQ-R and iQ-F Series simple motion modules.

MGR Series Programmable Micro Gripper
For handling small components and fragile parts
 MGR6 series micro gripper  has a low moving mass with two independent axes. It is capable of light, controlled forces and can be used as an end effector on third-party robots.

The gripper is suitable for small semiconductor components handling, small lens handling, stent/catheter handling, sample tube handling and electronics assembly. These applications make use of the gripper’s Soft-Land feature, programmable down to as low as 2.5 g of force, and two independently controlled gripper fingers, which enable gripping of asymmetric and offset parts.

iB-Flow Flow Selector Valve
Easily adjustable remote control flow rates
 Medical devices want more flexibility, less power consumption and lightweight. iB-Flow flow selector valve has 7 different programmable flow rates and weighs only 48 grams.

With iB-Flow flow selector a 0-5 or 1-5 volt signal provides remote control of the needle opening that controls volume. Control is possible by using flow rate feedback, switchable between 7 programmable flow rates. Feedback control is performed so the flow volume is stabilized when flow rate changes due to source pressure fluctuations.

  • Needle opening mode: remote needle opening/close operation
  • Flow rate control mode: flow rate stabilization using flow rate feedback

Smart becomes standard in vacuum generators
piCOMPACT®23 SMART  is an IO-Link-ready vacuum generator platform with either standard 24V IO or IO-Link all-in-one ejector. 

With casings and electrical enclosures fulfilling the IP65 standard, providing complete protection against dust, and good ability to withstand water, the new standard version of the popular piCOMPACT®23 vacuum generator is also more robust than the previous generation. This allows it to be installed closer to the usage point with no need for extra protective measures, making installation easier.

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