The Toughest Reader for the Toughest Codes
The latest in the DataMan lineup
The DataMan 8700 series handheld barcode readers decode the toughest direct part mark (DPM) and label-based codes while withstanding harsh oils, dirt, and water. A built-in display screen enables quick setup and operator feedback, and the readers are equipped with the latest patented decoding algorithms, HDR technology, high speed liquid lens, and a multi-core processor to read codes in well under 150 milliseconds.

Integrated diffuse, polarized, and direct lighting enables superior image formation to read dot peen or laser-etched codes on challenging surfaces quickly & repeatedly - every time.

Oil & Water
OLED Display
for Easy Setup
Read Performance
in Milliseconds
OnRobot Sander Complete Surface Finishing Solution
Fast and easy setup reduces complexity
The OnRobot Sander is a fully electrical solution and is designed for surface finishing applications like Sanding and Polishing. Used in combination with a HEX-E QC sensor it offers unrivaled ease of use and consistent finishing results. The OnRobot Sander is supported by a Grit Changer, which allows grit changing to be fully automated without operator intervention.

This powerful and durable electric sander requires no compressed air, significantly reducing running and maintenance costs. It eliminates operator fatigue and hazards for easy compliance with local health and safety regulations.

  • Electric sander with QC (no air si needed) 
  • Set RPM from 1000 up to 10,000 RPM
  • Orbital sander tool - 5mm orbit

RTC Rodelss Cylnders
Oval-shaped piston provides greater side load
The Series RTC is the latest generation of rodless cylinders from AVENTICS, building on years of experience with rodless cylinder design. The RTC features a very robust, virtually leak-free design with high speed capability. 

  • Robust, oval piston design
  • Adjustable pneumatic end-cushioning
  • 4 versions available: Basic Version, Compact Guide, Heavy Duty, Slide Bearing
  • Easy installation of cylinder using two styles of foot mounts, or choose end cover mounts
  • High Speed: Speeds up to 21 feet per second

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CMOS Sensor HG-C
Micro Laser Distance Sensor
Housed in a lightweight but strong die-cast aluminum case, the compact HG-C Series pairs a highly precise CMOS Image Sensor with a newly designed optical system to achieve a smaller Sensor depth, as well as, highly accurate measurements in the order of 1/100 mm (0.0003 In.).

The HG-C series sensors incorporating a new optical system with a built-in mirror provides smaller sensor depth as well as higher measurement accuracy equivalent to displacement sensors.

  • Accurate > Linearity: +/-0.1% F.S.
  • Compact And Light Weight:  W: 20mm x H: 44mm x D: 25mm
  • Precise Level Detection - Repeatability: 10μm