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Inductive Proximity Sensors with IO-Link
Reliable detection with flexible configuration
Carlo Gavazzi has launched a new range of inductive proximity Sensors with integrated IO-Link . The ICS and ICB range offer M8 to M30 barrel sizes. IO-Link provides many advantages such as standardized and reduced wiring, broader range of available data and configurations, remote configuration, monitoring and diagnostics as well as easy replacement.

The ICS Series is available in a robust stainless-steel housing and has an operating distance between 2 and 4mm. Available in flush and non-flush versions and short and long body housings with 2 m PVC cable or M8-disconnect plug versions

The ICB Series is available in nickel-plated brass cylindrical threaded barrel housing and has an operating distance between 4 and 22mm. Available in flush and non-flush versions with 2 m PVC cable or M12 plugs. 
Both the ICS and ICB Series can be the perfect solution for all factory and automation applications, and are CE, UL, CSA AND IO-Link certified.

Low-Profile Direct Drive Motors
Direct control with the accuracy of a servo motor
 Mitsubishi Electric’s TM-R low-profile direct drive motor allows for the direct control of a load without the use of more traditional mechanical transmission components (gears, belts, chains, etc.). Combining this direct control with the accuracy of a servo motor allows customers to build more compact, efficient, and precise machines.

The hollow shaft design feature allows for easy installation of cables and air pipes in the rotating axis. With its reduced footprint, your machine’s center of gravity and stability by minimizing height and weight. These low-profile motors are a good fit for applications such as index tables, tool changers, and rotary axis for material handling robots.

Certified Industrial Gripper for Collaborative Robots
Superior clamping and gripping
 SCHUNK is building on its advantage when it comes to grippers for collaborative operation: with the SCHUNK Co-act gripper EGP-C , the competence leader for gripping systems and clamping technology is presenting for the first time an inherently safe industrial gripper that is certified and approved for collaborative operation by the German Social Accident Insurance DGUV.

The compact 2 finger parallel gripper enclosed with a collision protection cover covers a wide range of applications – from small component assembly in electronics and consumer goods industry right up to assembly applications in the automotive sector.

piLIFT® SMART Ergonomic Handling Solution
The very first vacuum lifter for Industry 4.0
piLIFT® SMART is the first vacuum lifter ever that meets the needs of industry 4.0. Combining the best of vacuum lifting technology with 76% less energy consumption, minimal sound levels and smart data features, the quick and intuitive piLIFT SMART is truly a leap forward. piLIFT® SMART brings the latest technology to enable both operator and operation to obtain live information on performance and status via a web-based platform.

The weight of the lifted object will be displayed on the piLIFT® SMART screen which will help the operator to distinguish and identify loads as well as quality assure incoming or outgoing products. 

With capacity to lift objects weighing 90 lb, piLIFT® SMART offers the very best vacuum lifting technology to customers in a broad range of industries.

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