VGC10 Configurable Electric Vacuum Gripper
Unlimited customization fits all your application needs
The VGC10 electrical compact vacuum gripper has changeable suction cup options too for nearly any application need. Smaller and at half the weight of the VG10 but with the same payload, the VGC10 can lift small, odd-shaped, and heavy objects even with a smaller robot arm. The VGC10 features two independently controlled air channels that allow it to act as a dual gripper with pick-up and release in the same action, further increasing efficiency and reducing cycle time.

  • Flexible electric vacuum gripper with unlimited customization fits all your application needs
  • Small, lightweight gripper is perfect for tight spaces but with plenty of power for objects up to 15kg 
  • No external air supply needed for reduced maintenance costs and faster deployment

Mitsubishi FX5UC Premium Micro PLC
Their smallest and most powerful compact PLC to date
As part of the high functioning MELSEC iQ-F series the new compact FX5UC model  is engineered to handle the increasingly sophisticated data processing and communication tasks demanded by Smart Manufacturing applications. 
The CPU module is a quarter the size of a conventional one while incorporating built-in relay and transistor outputs, avoids the need to install additional, space consuming terminal blocks in many applications.
  • Open connectivity ensures compatibility with a wide choice of network options
  • Program memory of 64,000 steps and a large device memory
  • Advanced motion control functions for up to four axes
  • Execution speed of 34 ns

Easy-2-Combine Multi-Axis Handling System
Standardized, flexible mechanical interface
Easy-2-Combine from AVENTICS is a standardized mechanical interface that reduces engineering time and costs for single, multi-axis and cartesian handling tasks.

The easy-to-operate small handling configurator  provides engineers with comprehensive support in selecting the components and system layout. The result is a complete parts list including accessories such as cylinder switches and fittings. 

  • No transition plates
  • Reduced moving mass
  • Higher dynamics
  • Less strain on the guides
  • More compact handling structure
  • Reduced engineering effort

Non-Contact Part Transfer
Transport workpiece without denting or damaging
NCT Series transfers parts without making contact, which avoids denting of and damage to workpieces by the pad. Can also hold porous workpieces and workpieces with some unevenness.

The NCT Series uses vacuum generated by jet of air blowing from a round air channel and along the product body to pick up the workpiece, a cushion of air also tends to repel the workpiece when it approaches too closely. The result is a non-contact hold of the workpiece that prevents actual contact with the workpiece.

  • Capable of non-contact transfer of glass, semiconductor wafers, etc.
  • Capable of holding porous or relatively convex or concave workpieces
  • Powerful suction force
  • Never leave pad contact marks or scratches on the workpiece
  • Because they do not draw in surrounding dust, etc., the picking surface remains clean.

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