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Palm-Sized SCARA Robots
IX-NNN Ultra-compact unit
 With arm lengths of up to 180mm, the IX-NNN is a palm-sized SCARA unit capable of driving a maximum payload of 1 kg. The dynamic performance and highly rigid body of the SCARA ensures outstanding high-speed performance achieving a cycle time of 0.35 second.

  • Standard and Clean Room models
  • 120 mm, 150 mm, and 180 mm arm lengths
  • Installation space requirement of 47(W) x 132(D) mm
  • Motor/encoder cables available in connector type

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Digital RGB Color Mark Sensor with Built-in Amplifier
High precision sensing of any color marking  
 The LX-100 series of digital color mark sensors utilizes 3 LED elements (Red, Green, and Blue) offering high precision sensing of any color marking. A four digit digital display allows for user-friendly setting and monitoring of sensor settings. 

  • RGB color sensor for high speed detection of registration marks
  • High precision coaxial optical system ensures accurate sensing
  • Digital display and advanced set-up

EW2H Series Electric Hand Flat Type
World's thinnest body, lightweight, compact gripper series  
Electric Gripper EW2H Series has the thinnest body design among the industry. Koganei seeks to optimize precision end of arm tooling (EOAT), grippers and end effectors, for a wide range of robotic automation processes. By offering the lightest and physically smallest models available in the market without sacrificing repeatability and quality, Koganei is able to lower the negative impact on payloads more than anyone else.

3 Sizes:
  • 10mm Stroke, 8N Max gripping force
  • 14mm Stroke, 18N Max gripping force
  • 18mm Stroke, 28N Max gripping force

RTE Conveyors
Sanitary conveyors for Ready-to-Eat production lines  
Dorner’s modular Ready-to-Eat conveyor systems help alleviate pressing operational challenges in food preparation. At the heart of a RTE conveyor system is a TIG welded, Stainless Steel, hygienic conveyor with a tensionless, positive drive, belt system. Each system is custom designed to meet exact length, width and height requirements. Dorner’s innovative accessory mounting system allows for easy attachment of accessories and add-ons.

This unique solution creates RTE assembly lines that are customizable, ergonomic, hygienic, and allow for ease of sanitation meaning thorough cleaning is completed in less time without sacrificing worker safety. Each system is designed to conform to a wide range of certifying standards.