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In-Sight D900 Powered by ViDi Deep-Learning
Solving previously unsolvable F&B applications
The In-Sight D900 is a smart camera powered by In-Sight ViDi software combines artificial intelligence (AI) with In-Sight standalone vision system. It automates and scales complex part location, assembly verification, defect detection, classification, and character reading inspection applications that, until now, were too challenging for traditional machine vision alone.

Successful food and beverage operations embrace innovations in product quality inspection, packaging inspection, assembly verification, allergen management, traceability, and food safety to minimize downtime and deliver consistently high quality, safe products with fewer defects and less waste. 
ActiNav Autonomous Bin picking
Simply works - in just six easy steps
The ActiNav Autonomous Motion Module(AMM) provides autonomous bin picking for machine tending applications. The AMM synchronously handles vision processing, collison-free motion planning and autonomous real-time robot control.
ActiNav setup is intuitive using the Universal Robots teach pendant, teach by demonstration. The intuitive flow-based wizard-guided setup allows in-house resources to do the work in just six steps.

  •  Higher machine uptime with  collision-free motion
  • Less refilling with deep bins
  • Accurate part placement
This is not pick and drop, this is accurate pick and part oriented placement.

Flat, Precise, and Versatile Rotary Unit
The flattest rotary unit with electric brake
The versatile, and mechatronic SCHUNK ERT rotary unit allows flexible, and dynamically rotational movements in confined spaces, and is almost wear and maintenance-free. Even with the optionally available brake, which is actuated directly via the controller, the height of the SCHUNK ERT remains unchanged.

  • Three sizes 12, 50, and 300 with nominal torques of 1.5 Nm, 7.8 Nm, and 32 Nm
  • Outside diameter of 120 mm, 167 mm, and 277 mm
  • Mass moment of inertia of 0.07 kgm2, 0.39 kgm2 and 5.53 kgm2
  • Standard plug connector (M12/M17)

Plug & Play with IO-Link
The smartest way to connect Ethernet/IP IO-Link devices
Murrelektronik’s new compact IO-Link modules, , MVK Metal and Impact67, are the smartest way to connect Ethernet/IP IO-Link devices. An easy-to-use configuration tool helps decrease installation and maintenance time for these devices.

These powerful fieldbus modules MVK Metal and Impact67 are now also available with M12 power ports (L-coded).

Combine these modules with Murrelekronik’s variety of IO-Link hubs and analog converters to increase flexibility and reduce hardware costs. The power cordsets carry high levels of current, up to 16 A, making it possible to connect many sensors and actuators with high energy requirement – without needing an additional power supply.