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Cognex DataMan ®  8070 Series Verifier
High performance DPM code quality verifier
 Barcode verification is the process of grading the quality of barcodes. Barcode verifiers capture images and generate reports to demonstrate compliance to parameters within industry standardization guidelines.

The DataMan® 8070 series verifier is packed with powerful lighting options, robust grading algorithms, a high-speed processing engine, and a high-resolution camera to capture and grade the most difficult DPM codes. As the only DPM verifier on the market with 30-, 45-, and 90-degree lighting options, the DataMan 8070 verifier can easily illuminate codes on textured, curved, and even highly reflective surfaces.

Clippard DR-2 Precision Adjustable Pressure Regulator
For applications requiring high levels of precision
 The new DR-2 Series pressure regulator is specifically designed for applications that require high levels of precision. It features the same flow and performance characteristics as Clippard's reputable MAR-1 Series, but is designed with a unique diaphragm seal that provides greater accuracy and exceptional repeatability—±0.15 psi.

  • Exceptional repeatability (±0.15 psi)
  • Provides high level of precision and accuracy
  • Features non-rising internal adjustment

Robot Positioning System
Deploy quickly between tasks or work cells
Sawyer robots are designed to be deployed quickly between tasks or work cells.  Sawyer's Robot Positioning System (RPS)  allows the robot to manage and adapt to ever-changing, real-world environments. 
With RPS Sawyer can quickly and easily be re-deployed after common plant-floor variations, such as tables being bumped and fixtures being moved. This flexible automation is a competitive advantage for manufacturers as they seek cost-effective ways to respond to dynamic customer demands.

OM70 Multi-spot Laser Distance Measurement
Measuring accuracy in the sub-micrometer range
With the new OM70 multi-spot laser distance sensor , Baumer presents an innovative and compact measuring unit for measurement of demanding surfaces. The compact sensor provides exact and reproducible measuring results without any complicated conversion or external software. The OM70 multi-spot sensor is the ideal solution for a large number of applications in measuring and testing technology.

  • Three integrated measuring modes: Mean, minimum, maximum
  • Mean value of up to 600 measured values per measurement with a measuring frequency of up to 1540 Hz
  • Resolution of up to 2 μm