OnRobot Innovative Robotic Grippers
Taking robot compatibility to the next level
 New unified mechanical and electrical interface for any OnRobot end-of-arm tooling (EoAT) dramatically simplifies automation with a single platform for a full range of collaborative and light industrial robotic systems.
 These innovative grippers, sensors, and tool changers help manufacturers gain the full advantages of collaborative and lightweight industrial robots, including ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and safety alongside human workers.
The VG10 doesn't require a compressor or air supply. Its flexible arms and adjustable vacuum enable the VG10 to handle a variety of objects in many different sizes.
OnRobot 6-axis force torque sensors provide accurate force and torque measurements along all 6 axes. This gives you precise control when it comes to difficult assembly, polishing, sanding or deburring jobs.
Inspired by nature, the Gecko makes it possible to attach and lift any type of flat and smooth surfaces without compressed air or any external power, using easy gripping technology for Pick & Place applications.
The RG2 gripper is a flexible collaborative gripper that now has the OnRobot Quick Changer built-in. With adjustable force and stroke the RG Series can pick up a wide variety of items. The –FT version includes added sensing and intelligence capability.

Cordis Proportional Pressure Control
Precise linear digital closed-loop system  
 The Clippard Cordis provides precise, linear digital pressure control within a closed-loop system with ultra high resolution and repeatability.  
Built with the highest quality Cllippard  EVP  and  DVP  proportional valves at its heart, the Cordis is designed to outperform the competition in every way with unparalleled performance and flexibility not possible with current analog proportional controllers.

  • Smooth linear control
  • Real time adjustable PID control
  • Multiple flow configurations
  • Static or dynamic applications with the same proportional regulation
  • No integral bleed required
  • Customizable pressure ranges and mounting options

Mitsubishi MR-J4 Servo
Packed with advanced features and high fidelity performance  
Mitsubishi Electric MR-J4 Servo offers state-of-the-art servo performance with Advanced Vibration Suppression Control II™, One-Touch Auto-Tuning™, and incredible reliability with an EtherCAT® interface for use with custom PC based control systems or competitor's EtherCAT motion systems. 

MR-J4 Servo Amplifiers are available as 100/200/400VAC up to 55kW or 48/24VDC up to 30W. MR-J4 amplifiers provide high speed, high accuracy solutions, and offer true one-touch tuning in single and multi-axis formats.

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End-of-Arm Tooling (EOAT)
Components for packaging, palletizing and plastic injection moulding  
The EOAT and gripper systems are used to design robotic end-effector tools, ergonomic tools or fixture tools for use on all types of automation equipment. The tooling consists of connecting parts for welded frames or extruded profiles and swivel arm assemblies, grippers with a choice of various “function” attachments. Some function attachments include a vacuum ejector that is based on the latest COAX® technology.

To maximize the flexibility, these components are modular and adjustable and can be combined into a specific tool from the components. With their great expertise Piab can also provide tailor made solutions for various applications in the automotive, plastics and food industries.

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