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Cognex In-Sight Gen II Vision System
Dorner Power Side Guide
Cognex In-Sight 7000 Gen II
A breakthrough in flexibility, performance and ease-of-integration

The In-Sight 7000 Gen II vision system represents a breakthrough in flexibility, modularity and performance for vision systems. 

Built from the best of the best - the next generation In-Sight 7000 brings powerful vision algorithms and performance from the In-Sight 8000, integrated light/autofocus from the previous generation 7000, and the ease of use features from the DataMan with the ruggedness of the In-Sight 5000, all together in one industrial mid-range product.

Cognex In-Sight 7000 Gen II

Wago's IP67 cabinet-free distributed I/O system

Wago’s IP67 Cabinet-free distributed I/O system
Reduce system cost and boost performance with WAGO’s IP67 cabinet-free distributed I/O system. Fully encapsulated and highly configurable, SPEEDWAY covers a wide range of signals with one module type. WAGO’s robust I/O modules support popular fieldbuses for trouble-free integration of distributed I/O with higher-level controllers. 

SPEEDWAY offers efficient management of large data volumes for signal acquisition and transmission. A wide temperature range and extensive electromagnetic shielding allows for operation even in the harshest environments.


Dorner Power Side Guide
Handling bottle transfer from one conveyor to another

Transferring small plastic bottles from one conveyor to another presents challenges to keep the bottles upright. 

Dorner FlexMove Technologies utilizes a 2200 Series belted conveyor with a high friction belt to provide back-pressure to lessen the chance of transferring bottle falling forward and onto its side.  These powered side guides provide reliable transfer. 

Powered Side Guide

Vaculex VL is our most heavy-duty vacuum lifter
Strong, versatile and user-friendly model for use with two hands 

Vaculex VL tube lifter is a strong, versatile and user-friendly model for use with two hands and for lifts between 30 and 200 kg.

Vaculex is available in six lift tube sizes, between 100 mm and 200 mm, with five different vacuum pumps and many accessories and suction feet for a virtually infinite number of combinations. Normally, Vaculex is driven by an electric vacuum pump for best performance and flexibility but we can also provide pneumatic vacuum pumps if required.

The design consists of a pump, vacuum hose, lift tube, control unit and finally a suction foot or possibly a gripping tool which is adapted to your needs.

Vaculex VL Tube Lifter