Digitization Begins with the Sensors
IO-Link accesses valuable process measured values
Sensors precisely record many different measured values. Valuable additional information is already generated during the processing of the measured values in the sensor.

IO-Link can be used to access that information and significantly improve your business processes.

Baumer offers a wide range of IO-Link sensors:
  • Inductive sensors
  • Ultrasonic sensors
  • Light barriers and light sensors
  • Optical distance sensors
  • Flow sensors
  • Pressure sensors
  • Level sensors
  • Conductivity sensors
  • Radar sensors
  • IO-Link Masters, cables and plugs
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IX Super-Large SCARA Robot
2400mm range, 50kg payload
The IX Super Large SCARA Series boasts an arm length of 1200mm and a payload of 50kg, both of which are the largest among all SCARA robots. The long arm allows the IX to carry work parts over a wide range of up to 2400 mm.

The IX is also space-saving because its footprint is only one-eightieth that of a Cartesian robot having an equivalent range of operation. The IX demonstrates excellent high-speed performance backed by its maximum operating speed of 8308 mm/s.

Electric Linear Modules
Excellent alone, unbeatable combined in a system
The compact modular linear system from Schunk offers a large variety of possibilities for combining individual modules to form an overall system. Depending on the load range and the required stroke lengths, suitable and standardized components are available even for demanding tasks.

  • ELB/ELP –Compact linear module
  • LDK – Stroke module
  • LDN/LDM/LDT – Universal linear module
  • LDL – Flat linear module

Predictive maintenance avoids unexpected downtime
Predictive maintenance is a key to avoid unplanned production downtime. MELSERVO-J5 Servo includes expanded Predictive Maintenance Capabilities.

Powered by AI, the MELSERVO-J5 Amplifiers are capable of monitoring Belt Drives, Ball Screws, Linear Guides, and Gears for signs of failure and alert machine operators to schedule downtime on your terms. Reduce your Total Cost of Ownership with Predictive Maintenance and avoid unexpected downtime.

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580 Series Pneumatic Communications Node
Simplify the design and operation of your pneumatic systems
The Numatics Series 580 fieldbus communications node supports up to 128 Numatics 500 Series solenoid valves per manifold in a compact package. It features and integrated graphic display for simple commissioning and display of diagnostic information.

The 580 communication node mates to a variety of valve platforms including Numatics 501, 502 and 503 series.