In-Sight D900 Vision System
Powered by ViDi Deep Learning Software
Solves challenging OCR, assembly verification, and defect detection applications

The  In-Sight D900 is a smart camera powered by In-Sight ViDi software designed specifically to run deep learning applications. 

This embedded solution helps factory automation customers easily solve challenging industrial OCR, assembly verification, and random defect detection applications anywhere on the line that have gone uninspected because they are often too difficult to program with traditional, rule-based machine vision tools.
Challenging OCR Applications
Assembly Verification

Complex Defect Detection

Mitsubishi Electric Launches FR-E800 Inverters
Extended life span with enhanced inverter functions
The  FR-E800 Series of variable frequency drives revolutionizes how VFDs are used in manufacturing applications through AI technology and real-time connection, streamlining production. It is built upon Mitsubishi Electric’s proven variable speed control technology throughout years of reliable operation across various constant and variable torque applications.

FR-E800 saves energy and minimizes cost with advances in quality, performance, and maintenance capabilities. With a mantra of “designing the future of manufacturing today”, FR-E800 truly brings VFDs into the next generation.

Key Benefits:
  • Compact Design
  • Dual Overload Rating
  • Auto-tune to IM & PM Motors
  • RS-485 and "Dual-Port" Ethernet Protocol Models
  • Built-in PLC Function
  • Inverter-to-Inverter Linking
  • Life Diagnostic Function
  • Corrosion Alert System
Soft Gripper
Flexible food-grade robot grippers
The OnRobot Soft Gripper is able to pick a wide array of irregular shapes and delicate items, making it ideal for pick-and-place applications in food and beverage production, as well as manufacturing or packaging. The gripper is available with three interchangeable silicon-molded cups. From eggs to fruit, to bottles or cans, food and beverage automation just got easier. 

Soft Gripper offers seamless integration with the robot of your choice. The Soft Gripper operates without an external air supply, for no additional costs or complexity, and none of the dust or noise generated by traditional vacuum grippers.
Cube67 Modular Fieldbus System
Connect Sensors and actuators the cost-effective way
Cube67+ is an IP67 rated, fully distributed I/O system with proven reliability in industrial applications. Cube67 is characterized by its single cable technology, multi-function modules, flexible installation methods and robust, potted circuitry.

The unique single cable module connection transfers both power and data from a single bus node to connected modules simplifying installation.

  • Bus nodes for most of the major protocols
  • Up to 32 modules on a single IP address
  • Installation lengths of up to 60m

  • Star and linear topologies
  • Analog, digital and special function modules
  • Over 80 different function modules