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Retractable Tail Conveyors
DataMan 262X Barcode Reader
Intelligent Actuator Rotating 2-Axis Wrist Unit
Ideal for reducing costs when 6-axis robot is not necessary

IAI's Unique WU Series Wrist Unit design makes it light weight and compact in size. ʉ۬Equipped with a battery-less absolute encoder as standard, the WU Series is a low cost alternative, compared to 6-axis articulated robots making it ideal for reducing the cost of equipment.

Diagonal approaches and tip swiveling can now be performed with minimum required axis configuration which until now required a vertically articulated robot.

WU Series Wrist Unit

Cognex DataMan 262 Ultra High Definition Barcode Reader
High performance barcode reader for direct part mark microcodes

The DataMan 262 Ultra High Definition barcode readers were designed to read DPM microcodes that are marked directly on any surface of components today. The DataMan 262 Ultra High Definition barcode reader is small in size while delivering the best performance on DPM microcodes, running Cognex's industry best algorithms.

Setup is a snap as the reader, the optics and the lighting are contained in one small package. Additionally, the size of the reader allows for installation into the small spaces on today's marking and assembly machines. All of this adds up to the best ID reader and easiest to deploy to read the most challenging microcodes.

DataMan 262 Barcode Reader

Incentive Software Components
PC-based control for automated industrial processes

Control Technology's Incentive  is a flexible family of software building blocks enabling comprehensive plant automation strategies.

IncentivePLC - a multitasking control runtime system executing the powerful QuickBuilder programming environment.
IncentiveECAT - a high-performance EtherCAT master controller for direct control of EtherCAT devices from standard PC hardware.
IncentiveAPI - a DLL offering a high-level control API for C#, C++ or VB.Net code.

Incentive Software

Dorner Retracting Tail Conveyors
Improves System Functionality

The capability to retract a conveyor, either manually or pneumatically, can improve system flexibility.  The basic design of a retracting tail is a conveyor frame that retracts or extends, typically on slides or rails.

This function can happen infrequently with low accuracy or it can reoccur every few seconds with precision. Dorner has options available for both industrial and sanitary environments.


  • Product reject
  • Deposit product in precise rows or columns
  • Route products to multiple lines
  • Create walkthrough for worker access

Retracting Tail Conveyors