CleanMetrics Newsletter - October 2020
We are a climate tech startup offering innovative tools and databases to make emissions accounting fast, easy and inexpensive.
Welcome to our very first quarterly newsletter! We hope you are doing well and keeping safe in these unprecedented times. We have been busy developing our climate solutions since we started in January and we are excited to share with you what we have put together so far.
CarbonScope: Our new flagship carbon modeling tool is designed to do both product carbon footprints and corporate GHG inventories, and priced starting at just $300 per year.
CarbonScopeData: Our comprehensive life-cycle inventory database contains both process LCI and input-output LCI data. We not only use it in our own tools, but we are now opening it up through an API for other climate/carbon app developers.
What to expect when working with us on an LCA project: We like to keep all our consulting projects focused and to the point - and affordable!
Corporate GHG inventories made simple: Use our hybrid methodology for the simplest and quickest way to compile a corporate GHG emissions inventory.
Case Study - LCA of sourdough crackers: Can ingredients grown using organic/regenerative methods make a big difference to the carbon footprint of common food items?
Case Study - LCA of coffee drinks: What is the carbon footprint of your cup of latte? What matters most, the coffee or the milk? What if you got a soymilk latte instead?
Case Study - LCA of cycling jerseys: How does the use of recycled materials impact the carbon footprint of a clothing item made with synthetic fibers?
Article: Five actions that can turn your company into a climate leader.
Article: If we are going to bend the emissions curve, emissions accounting must become as commonplace as financial accounting.
Article: Working from home could be a starting point for tackling the climate crisis.
The next generation: As we work on solutions to the climate crisis, we are also working with the next generation of talent. We are proud to highlight below two students who are helping us build our offerings.
Sarah Bornais designed our website and is the brains behind the CarbonScopeData API that we are developing. Sarah is an undergraduate computer engineering major at the University of British Columbia. She has experience in full-stack web development as well as mobile app development, and enjoys building technology that tackles climate change.
Hoa Nguyen is working with us as a student data researcher and helping to expand the CarbonScopeData LCI database. She is currently pursuing an MS in business analytics at the San Francisco State University. Hoa graduated at the top of her class as an undergraduate and was recognized as a department honoree at the SFSU honors convocation.
We will be back in January with the next edition of this newsletter. Our focus in Q4 is going to be data, data, data (meaning LCI data!). In the meantime, we would love to hear from you if you have any questions or comments.

Best regards,
Kumar Venkat
President & CTO
Susan Cholette
VP - Consulting Services & Customer Training
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