CleanMetrics Newsletter - January 2021
Our mission is to enable data-driven climate actions by businesses and consumers. 
We have never seen people get this excited about the start of a new year! 2020 was a difficult year for many, and hopefully the new year is an opportunity to turn the corner. We just wrapped up our first year as CleanMetrics 2.0 and feel grateful for the many opportunities that have come our way. We had a busy Q4 after releasing our new products in the summer and early fall. We are pleased to share with you some of our highlights and ideas.
Soil modeling: Are you curious about how soil emissions and sequestrations are handled in carbon footprints of food products? Here's how we do it.
GHG inventories: We partnered with a US-based producer of organic, plant-based frozen desserts to test drive our fast/efficient hybrid methodology for compiling corporate GHG inventories. See our results.
Product carbon footprints: Think before you drink. Check out our case study comparing the carbon footprints of virgin, recycled, imported and reusable water bottles. 
API and other product updates: We released an API to help climate/carbon app developers access high-quality carbon emissions data. We also released other tool/data updates focused on food processing, fabric production and packaging materials.
What's next: We are excited about two new ideas we are working on that could significantly help our mission of enabling data-driven climate actions. We'll have more to say in the coming months, but here is a preview.
Predictive LCA: What if we could take cradle-to-gate life cycle data from one part of the world, based on a particular production method, and map it to a different part of the world and possibly a different production method? We could then break loose from some of the constraints imposed by the availability of LCI data.
Rapid Carbon Footprinting TM: RCF is our vision for taking product carbon footprinting to the next level. Driven by more automation and intelligent processing built into our tools, we are hoping to further reduce the time, effort and expertise required to produce high-quality product carbon footprints.
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