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                 April - 2019
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Happy Spring to all of our customers and colleagues. We hope you had a restful and wonderful spring break. Can you believe we are approaching the end of the 2018 - 19 school year already? How time flies.

We would like to use this newsletter to welcome our newest school districts to ClearTrack 200 and RTI Edge.
Welcome new districts!

ClearTrack 200
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Institute of Child Development

Pine Plains

Minisink Valley
Utica City 
Pine Plains

If you are interested in learning more about our products, please contact us .
NEW PLEP comment icon
View other users comments
View other users comments
Teachers and providers:

Have you seen the new 'view other users comments' icon when writing your PLEP comments? If not, the next time you are working on student PLEP comments, notice if a 'people' icon displays after the spellcheck icon in the toolbar. If so, this means that other users have contributed to the comment you are working on. The icon will not display if you are the only user that has written a comment. Click the icon and the comments will display. If they are blocking your view, click the top of the comment to move it to the side while you continue to type.

Want to see what changed between comments? Click the Full comment button to the right of the PLEP comment you are working on. If there have been changes made to the comment, click the 'Compare with previous Comments' button. If text has been removed, it displays in red with a line through it. If the text displays in green, then this is new text that has been added.

If multiple comments have been written by different users, then drag and drop them from the 'full comment' view to change the order if needed.  
Want to share a comment with us?
We like hearing from our users. If you would like to share your feedback about ClearTrack 200 or RTI Edge, please  click this link.

Your comments and feedback may be used to make improvements in either application. Let us know how we are doing. We value your feedback and pride ourselves on listening to our customers.
How are you liking other 7.00 updates?
Automated Medicaid eligibility and CIN checking
This has been automated and the upload will begin approximately four days prior to the Eligibility file due date based on the Medicaid Calendar! Extracts will display as created by 'System.'

ClearTrack 200 new dashboard login has received many compliments from CSE office staff, including 'The new Dashboard is GENIUS.' This is an alternative login view for CSE office staff that provides an at-a-glance information as of today for managing meetings, draft documents, student BIPS and more. 

New browse filtering 
Have you noticed on screens, such as security, student lookups, or Faculty/Staff table there are blank boxes under the column headings? Type a few characters into one of the fields to return data that you are looking for from the column and hit the enter key. For example, if looking for a student name that begins with 'Zach', in the name column, type Zach. This will return all students with the first name Zach, Zachary, etc.  In some cases, you may need to click the 'view all' button to return all records in the browse first.
Changed Initial Face to Face for Medicaid
Initial Face to Face Documentation is now required on an annual basis (1 x year) unless a change has been made to the provider or frequency/duration of the service. The selection of the specific service is no longer required.

Student Totals
Looking for counts of students based on certain criteria? For example, if you are looking for counts of students that received AIS services on Beds Day by building or by gender, then check out the new Student Totals under Query Lookup/Custom Reports. Select a Total by School and By Gender and select the AIS filter and enter the BEDS DAY date in the 'Active services on this date' field.
Transfer/Import attachments 
Have you tried transferring or importing student attachments between districts? If not, just select attachment documents to transfer the next time you transfer a PDF/data for a student. When importing, just select to import the attachment documents. All attachments are brought in as public. Change if needed.

Tier assignments from RTI Edge
Recommended for RTI administrators to assign students to tier supports during data review meetings. If you would like to learn more about this feature, contact you local RIC RTI Edge coordinator.
Tips of the Month
Preferences are meant to be help you. Meaning the options you set, you will always see when you login. Customize your favorites button, your dashboard view, or even choose to use sticky notes.

Set Favorites

Do you know you can change the menu options displayed from the Favorites button? This may be helpful if you work on the same screens frequently and will allow you to set the screens as 'your' favorite. To set up favorites, from the Main Menu, click the Preferences button. Under the Favorites Drop Down section, select the screen(s) you wish to see at all times and set the order if needed.

The Dashboard view is newer for CSE office staff, displaying daily counts of students by disability, scheduled meetings, draft documents in progress, system alerts (such as annual past due), breakdown of students with BIP's by disability or PDF/Data transfers waiting to be imported. If you prefer not to see any of the alerts or BIPs for example, they can be turned off from Preferences, under the dashboard section by unchecking the items.  

Quick Menu
A newer button at the top of every screen located right after the Highlights button. Looking for a screen that might be buried down under the main menu with several clicks to get there. Click the Quick Menu button and type in a keyword. All screens containing the keyword will be returned. For example, looking for the screen to review LRE on BEDS Day, type in 'LRE.' The screen is returned and highlighted in dark blue. Click on the screen name to go directly to the screen instead of remembering the path Main Menu | Data Warehouse | Special Education Snapshot | LRE on BEDS Day.
Meeting Event Checklist
CSE office staff, are you looking for a checklist to help manage office processes for each student? Examples might include: Referral Date, Consent Date, Update Roster, Meeting Notice printed, email agenda, PWN entered and much more. The processes can be customized and organized based on your CSE office preference. If the Meeting Events Checklist is set up, then a checklist icon displays for each student and some items are auto checked off for you such as when a referral or consent date is entered into the system. This is optional to use, but may be helpful to ensure all information is entered for a student.
Medicaid Tip
  • Run and Review the Medicaid Exclusion Report. This can include many claims where issues can be addressed resulting in claims being released for payment. This can be run at any time prior to the extract.
  • Remittance Report - be sure to review carefully after each cycle is completed.  Rejections and Denials should be reviewed.  Some of these claims can be addressed and resubmitted for payment.
For further information or help setting up, contact your local support coordinator.
Medicaid Service Bureau
ETIN Recertification
Districts must re-certify their NPI with ClearTrack's ETIN on an annual basis. If this is not renewed, districts will not be able to bill for Medicaid. Make sure to get this done at least 1-2 months prior, as the paperwork takes a while to process. The ClearTrack MSB sends an email on a monthly basis to RIC Coordinators of districts whose certification will be expiring soon.

MSB Enrollment Contacts
Please make sure to review the contact information from Main Menu | Medicaid | Medicaid Reports/Imports/Exports Medicaid Service Bureau (MSB) Enrollment. We use the contacts for monthly billing e-mail and other notifications.

MSB Calendar
Updated calendar now available.
Upcoming Conferences - We hope to see you.
DATAG - July 18 - 19
If you or someone from your district is attending the DATAG Summer Conference 2019 in Saratoga Springs, be sure to stop by and see us. We'll have a live demo of RTI Edge so be sure to check it out if you are interested in learning how RTI Edge can help your district manage all RTI data in one system. 

NYCASE - July 22 - 24
If you or someone from your district is attending the 17th Annual Summer Institute at the Albany Capitol Center on July 22 - 24, stop by our booth to learn what's new with our software. Be sure to ask about our Medicaid Service Bureau and how it can save your district money.  
Upcoming Demos
Minimize Compliance Risks while Maximizing Medicaid Reimbursements
Sign up for a Medicaid Claiming demo today to learn how ClearTrack 200 can maximize your school-based Medicaid reimbursements. The Medicaid claiming module is included with ClearTrack, which means there is no additional cost for the claiming software. ClearTrack will act as your Medicaid Service Bureau.

Response to Intervention Data Management with One Easy-To-Use Solution

Sign up for an RTI Edge demonstration to learn how your district can benefit with an all-inclusive Response to Intervention management system that tracks all students' universal screening data, other assessments, progress monitoring, interventions, goals, and RTI team meetings/agendas and minutes. All data is stored in one location with easy access to all historical data.