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                 June - 2018
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As the 2017-2018 school year comes to an end, we would like to share some quick end-of-year reminders and useful reports.

We like hearing from our users. If you would like to share your feedback about ClearTrack 200 or RTI Edge, please click this link.

Your comments and feedback may be used to make improvements in either application. Let us know how we are doing. We value your feedback and pride ourselves on listening to our customers.
Release 6.04 in Progress
Anticipated Late Summer/Early Fall
The next release is in progress. A sneak peak of what is coming:  
  • Clickable BIP icon will display student BIP 
  • New Dashboard Login
  • Tabled/Rescheduled Meeting outcome separated

Stay tuned and watch for updated Release Highlights.

Highlighted Reports of the Month
Extended School Year Placements
Run for the upcoming summer to see all kids that will be getting summer services.  Class List works well too!

Finalized Document Report
Run for students without finalized documents to make sure these are complete for the year.

Meeting Alerts Report
See which students have open meetings, are due for meetings, etc.
New Referral Summary
Run for the year to see the status of new referrals.  Summary page at the end is great to get an overall snapshot for the year.

Progress Status
Quickly see ALL progress notes and which kids have missing notes.

Roster Report
Can run for the year to see how many meetings staff have attended.
Universal Score Rankings Summary
View ranking counts and percent of students in each risk category. Click the numbers to easily drill down and view list of students.
Tips of the Month
Reminder to set your Implementation Dates

We recommend setting the following defaults for IEP Implementations and Draft Load Dates. By setting the date defaults once, this will make data entry easier on CSE office staff, as the dates will automatically default and improve data accuracy for each student. The default dates may be changed if needed.
From Meeting Options
Default dates can be set for each IEP/504 implementation meeting type. The default dates set here will default for any new meetings, eliminating the need to enter the IEP implementation date for every student.
  • To set the IEP/504 Implementation dates: from the student meeting screen, edit any student's meeting and then click the Options button. For each meeting type (Annual Review, New Referral, ...) select the appropriate option for the IEP Implementation date. For example, with spring reviews, the IEP Implementation date might be 'Start of Current School Year'. The implementation date will default to 09/2018 for all students, whereas, New Referral meeting might have an IEP Implementation date of Meeting Date + 1.
  • This will update the implementation dates for all users.
From Draft Load Dates
Draft Load Date Defaults can be set for any meeting type and are used when loading teacher input from the draft IEP into a final status.  
  • To set draft load date defaults, this can be done individually or in mass from Control | Setup | Security - select the CSE office staff users or group and then click the User Options button and select 'Draft Load Options'. For each meeting type (Annual Review, Program Review, Re-evaluation, etc.), select the appropriate end dates and start dates. Note: We recommend using the Implementation date as the Start Date and Implementation date - 1 as the end date to ensure the correct data prints on the finalized IEP. Implementation date is the date when the IEP begins, so this should be the start date of goals, accommodations, etc. When done, click Save.
  • The defaults will be assigned to all selected CSE office staff so that all users are using consistent draft load dates for each meeting and the CSE staff will not have to select dates when loading the draft information.
Calendar Maintenance
Before setting the default dates above, remember to set next year's calendar from Control | Setup | Calendar Maintenance and select the next school year. It is recommended to minimally set the start 10 Month, End 10 Month, Start of Summer, and End Summer. The start dates entered here will be used which will prevent start dates of 09/01/2018 and 06/30/2019.
Medicaid Cost Report Tip
  • SED and ClearTrack continue to recommend entering sessions for all students, not just Medicaid-eligible students.  This information can affect the Cost Report outcomes.
  • Annual Contractor's Cost Information: This information is available in ClearTrack from the Contracted Practitioner's Report in Medicaid Reports. The report should be run for non-district personnel. This information can be updated in each individual provider's record from the Faculty/Staff table (District/Agency field) OR from the Medicaid Provider Maintenance screen in Medicaid Reports.
  • Note: If the Medicaid provider is NOT a district employee (this includes BOCES providers), the district/agency must be entered, so that non-district employees can be tracked for the Medicaid Cost Report - Contracted Practitioner report.

For further information or help setting up, contact your local support coordinator.
Medicaid Service Bureau
Updated Medicaid Billing Calendar
The calendar can be found from Medicaid Reports | ClearTrack MSB Billing Calendar.  


Coming Soon - Automated Monthly Eligibility
For now, please remember to submit monthly, according to the Medicaid Calendar (Medicaid Reports/Imports/Exports | ClearTrack 200 Medicaid Service Bureau | ClearTrack MSB Billing Calendar). We will alert users when this feature becomes automated. 
Upcoming Conferences - We hope to see you.
DATAG - July 12 - 13
If you or someone from your district is attending the DATAG Summer Conference 2018 in Saratoga Springs, be sure to stop by and see us. We'll have a live demo of RTI Edge so be sure to check it out if you are interested in learning how RTI Edge can help your district manage all RTI data in one system. 

NYCASE - July 16 - 17
If you or someone from your district is attending the 16th Annual Summer Institute at the Albany Capitol Center on July 16 - 17, stop by our booth to learn what's new with our software. Be sure to ask about our Medicaid Service Bureau and how it can save your district money.  
Upcoming Demos
Minimize Compliance Risks while Maximizing Medicaid Reimbursements
Sign up for a Medicaid Claiming demo today to learn how ClearTrack 200 can maximize your school-based Medicaid reimbursements. The Medicaid claiming module is included with ClearTrack, which means there is no additional cost for the claiming software. ClearTrack will act as your Medicaid Service Bureau.

Response to Intervention Data Management with One Easy-To-Use Solution

Sign up for an RTI Edge demonstration to learn how your district can benefit with an all-inclusive Response to Intervention management system that tracks all students' universal screening data, other assessments, progress monitoring, interventions, goals, and RTI team meetings/agendas and minutes. All data is stored in one location with easy access to all historical data.