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Pat Grecco,
Independent College Bound Athlete Advisor
Pat Grecco
Pat Grecco strives to get student-athletes into the college of their dreams! She wants her clients to realize their full potential.

Welcome to the College Bound Athlete Newsletter! We'll highlight our clients' achievements and will feature informative articles for student-athletes and their parents.

College Prep for Student-Athletes

soccer star This is the time of year that I receive multiple inquiries from parents and student-athletes regarding Official Visits. The NCAA allows each student five officials; this simply means you, can visit five different schools upon invitation of the coach and stay on campus for forty-eight hours. You may make only one Official Visit per college. Only the coach can initiate an Official Visit and usually this is offered to serious recruiting candidates. Official Visits are offered to high school seniors and their parents, beginning opening day of classes of your senior year. Sometimes the player will make the trip on his own, but usually one parent likes to make the trip as well. You and your parents paid for by the college define an Official Visit as a visit to a college campus. The college may pay all or some of the following expenses including:
  • Your transportation to and from the college.
  • Room and means (three per day) while you are
    visiting the college.
  • Reasonable entertainment expenses, including three complimentary admissions to a home athletic contest.
Before a college may invite you on an Official Visit, you will have to provide the college with a copy of your high school transcript (Division I only) and SAT, ACT score and register with the NCAA Eligibility Center.

Being invited for an Official Visit is really a good sign that the coach is very interested in you and considering you for his or her program. Sometimes the coach will try to give you a roommate in the dorm from your geographical region, another player on the team.

Think of an Official Visit as a job interview. You want to make a good impression both with the coach and with your possible future teammates. Dress for success; try not to make a fashion statement.

NCAA Division II Schools are allowed to offer you an audition or tryout and the coach may suggest you bring your equipment with you at the time of the visit.

Student-Athletes and parents can "unofficially" visit a college on their own dime at any time, 12th grade or before. You may make unlimited "unofficial visits" anytime you like. I recommend that you contact Admissions and set up a visit, tour and speak with an admissions counselor. Next, phone call or e-mail could be to the coach, mentioning that you will be on campus, (give day, date and time) and perhaps will stop by the athletic office.

Some questions the coach may ask you at an Official Visit:
  • What got you interested my college or university?
  • What is your academic status, ACT/SAT scores?
  • Have you filed with the NCAA Eligibility Center?
  • Where can I see you compete?
  • Do you have an Athletic-Academic Profile?
  • What other schools are looking at you?
  • Is my school among your top choices?
  • Do you think you have the physical, technical,
    tactical, and academic qualities to play at my school?
Some questions parents/student-athletes can ask the coach:
  • What is the status of the returning team? In other words,
    are you looking for a player at my position?
  • What are my chances of making the team and getting significant playing time as a freshman and sophomore?
  • If I'm injured, will I lose my scholarship?
  • What is the availability of a scholarship?
  • Can you tell me about the academic support program?
  • What is the graduation rate in your program?
  • Will I be able to get academic scholarship/grant money?

I am eager to help student-athletes and their parents navigate the challenging college selection process.

Pat Grecco, Advisor
College Bound Athlete

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