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Pat Grecco,
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Pat Grecco,
Independent College Bound Athlete Advisor
Pat Grecco
Pat Grecco strives to get student-athletes into the college of their dreams! She wants her clients to realize their full potential.


Welcome to the College Bound Athlete Newsletter! We'll highlight our clients' achievements and will feature informative articles for student-athletes and their parents.

Benefits of Sports Camps for the College-Bound Player

Summer Sports CampThe best place to attend a sports camp is at a college campus where you can benefit from being identified by the College Coach, observe the Coach interacting with players and colleagues, live in a college dorm, eat on-campus food and just soak-in the campus climate. Other benefits include simply making you a better athlete and observing collegiate players and their level of competition so that you can aspire to be like them. Most camps are offered in the summer but some are offered during holiday season, Baseball especially, in Florida and Arizona; also Winter Clinics are very important; they are usually held during the holidays.

IMG Academy in Florida, which has all major sports, is not just a camp, it is also a school. In contrast to other camps, at IMG it's all about books and balls, they offer SAT/ACT Prep in addition to outstanding sports instruction by professionals in their respective fields.

Lately I've been hearing the phrase "Prospect Camps" where individual colleges invite student-athlete to their respective schools to identify talented sophomores and juniors. I recommend the State University of New York at Albany's Girl's Soccer Prospect Camp from Head Coach Mary Frances Monroe.

Golf CampThere are specialty camps within each sport. In Football; there is an Offense or Defense Camp, and also just Kickers Camps; Soccer has camps just for Goalkeepers; Baseball has Pitchers and Catchers Camps. Lacrosse calls their special camps, "Position Camps", that is Attack, Middies and Defenders.

Keep in mind that even if the College Coach invites to his camp, this may not be an indication that he is recruiting you for his program. When you are pre-high school its fine to attend a big name college camp, I have heard numerous times student-athletes say, "I was on the All-Star Team at Duke University," or "I went to camp at Princeton University," and yet I'm certain this was a great experience but high school student-athletes should be attending camps where there is a possibility they will be recruited.

Parents, before you make the final payment, request a written evaluation of your son or daughter's camp experience. Student-Athlete, if you are interested in being recruited to play at the school where you are attending camp, be sure the Coach knows this; also what other College Coaches will be working the camp. Try to leave the camp with a reference, perhaps an Assistant Coach who was working with your group during week. Be sure you add this to your Athletic-Academic Profile, Coach's name, phone, e-mail, where he or she competed collegiately and current position.

teamA few yeas ago, a student-athlete I was working with went to the Brown University Soccer Camp; Mike Noonan, who was Head
Coach at the time, knew this player really wanted to attend Brown and watched him throughout the week. At the end of the week he told him that he was not quite at the level to be recruited to Brown but the Middlebury College Coach was very impressed with his level of play. He also told the player if he got into Brown University on his own, he would take another look at him, in other words, perhaps invite him as a walk on for preseason but Coach was not going to endorse him for admission.

All the College Coaches you are interested in having recruit you should know what camps you will be attending, remind them via e-mail frequently. Also, I will say again, simply because a College Coach invites to camps does not mean you are being recruited but it is a good way to be identified and develop into a better athlete, learn new techniques and move to the next level of competition.

The better camps do fill up quickly so be sure you apply early and most important be sure the camp is at or above your level of competition. These camps are sometimes called Varsity week or rising junior and senior camps.

Sports are like playing a musical instrument, practice, practice, practice. Camps provide professional instruction and give you a good look at what you need to do to compete at the collegiate level.
I am eager to help student-athletes and their parents navigate the challenging college selection process.


Pat Grecco, Advisor
College Bound Athlete

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