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Nov-Dec 2016
This is our first eNewsletter!
Colorado Senior Lobby is starting a monthly eNewsletter with this issue. The electronic format allows us to share more and deeper information. The eNewsletter also saves us money and the precious time of our volunteers. If you need assistance with navigating this eNewsletter please send us an email and a volunteer will reach out to you - CONTACT US
We are also introducing Steve Grund ...
Steve Grund serves as Policy Chair for the Colorado Aging Commission and as a legislative liaison for the Colorado Senior Lobby. Steve will be watching the ever changing political landscape in the state and help us bring you timely and topical news about senior issues in Colorado.

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How does it feel to drink out of a fire hydrant?
By Steve Grund
“When the Election ends, new government begins. There is a lot to do in a limited time. While many of us are sketching outlines for the Holidays, our newly elected officials will be introduced to new disciplines; like, ‘how does it feel to drink out of a fire hydrant?’ …”  - READ MORE
A Brand New Day
By Ed Shackelford, President Colorado Senior Lobby
"The Election may have been a surprise to many; however, we have some hard decisions to make in Colorado regardless of who is in charge. The senior population is growing. The potential impact on the state budget, and on the services the state provides for seniors, portends to be one of the most significant considerations for all Coloradans  ..."
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Shedding Light on
Colorado’s Senior Population
By Kris Grant
“… Along with the 120 percent increase in our senior population, it is expected that Colorado seniors will live longer and require more economic resources to afford the services and care they need to age in place …”
Many Seniors Want to Work
Should you have to leave a job you love because of mandatory retirement rules? Many older adults enjoy working and don’t see themselves in the retirement mode. Fortunately age discrimination rules are protecting these older employees – READ MORE

Looking Ahead 15 Years in Colorado
It’s no secret that Colorado’s population is getting older. Between 2010 and 2015, Colorado’s growth in it's 65 plus population was 3rd fastest in the US at over 29%. Explore the Colorado State Demography Office "Aging in Colorado Part 1: Why is Colorado Aging So Quickly?"  READ MORE

The Pink Book
We know that there is a legislative "Blue Book," that lists details on ballot initiatives but there is also a "Pink Book." The Pink Book is directory listing names of legislators, their addresses, occupations, and committee assignments, along with the names of House and Senate employees. The Pink Book is available in a print and online. Right now we are waiting for the 'new' in-print Pink Book to come out, but for now you can find your legislators via the Colorado General Assembly website - CLICK HERE

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March 15, 2017 – Wednesday
This event will be held at the Colorado State Capitol building and live streamed. Stay tuned for more details.
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Steve Grund serves as Policy Chair for the Colorado Aging Commission and as a legislative liaison for the Colorado Senior Lobby. The Senior Space, however, is a reflection of his views only.