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March-April 2017
Senior Day at The Capitol was on March 15, 2017. View photos from the event and thank you for attending.

Colorado Senior Lobby thanks the event sponsors. Without their support, this event would not be possible.

Preparing for the Senior Storm
In the next 15 years the number of persons age 80
and older increases by 120%.
By Ed Shackelford - President Colorado Senior Lobby
"Colorado has a serious budget issue that does not get the attention needed to provide effective management of issues affecting the senior population. The demographics projecting the aging population are based on persons already living in Colorado, and accordingly have a ‘high’ level of accuracy ..."   - READ MORE
Senior Space, So Much at Stake
How can we treat our rural neighbors with a fairer hand?
By Steve Grund
"Excellent timing! Remove the Federal healthcare threat so the General Assembly can debate the state budget on the very day the process gets underway. Half of Colorado’s seniors live in rural Colorado. As of now, $528M dollars is to be cut from the State Hospital budgets. In rural Colorado, these hospitals represent so much more than the vital services they provide. They are the economic engine in parts of the state where few economic opportunities present themselves. How can we treat our rural neighbors with a fairer hand? …"  - READ MORE
What a Great Event!
By Karin Hall, Colorado Senior Lobby Member
"Senior Day at The Capitol 2017 was a great success! Colorado Senior Lobby filled the Capitol with people of all ages celebrating ‘seniors.’ Governor Hickenlooper and Lt Governor Donna Lynne attended and spoke in the morning. We had a terrific turn out of legislators dropping in to speak at both our morning and afternoon sessions as well. You can visit our YouTube Channel and watch the event if you missed it …"  -  READ MORE
Lobbying is Easy To Do!
By Jeanette Hensley, Colorado Senior Lobby Board Member
"Lobbying is easy to do. First, you have to know your own legislators who represents you at the State Capitol, and then you simply call, write, email, send a postcard, or visit them in person and tell them how you feel. Remember to keep your message simple, concise, to the point, and if you have a personal story to share regarding how the proposed legislation will affect you, please share it. Personal stories are the most important …" -  READ MORE
Senior Day at the Capitol “Truly Special”
By Avery Anderson – Met TV Producer – Graphics Producer – Show Host, MetMedia – The Student Voice of MSU Denver
"When first presented with the idea of working with the Colorado Senior Lobby for Senior Day at the Capitol, there were some hesitations. Were the topics that were to be discussed relevant to college students? Would we be welcomed at the event as college kids? And, would we be able to do what was being asked of us? …"
A Thank You to our Senior Day at The Capitol Sponsors
"The 2017 Senior Day at The Capitol held on March 15th was a great success and we have to give credit to our event sponsors. Without their financial support Colorado Senior Lobby could not host this great event …" – READ MORE
And Thank you to
our Streaming Sites
"We want to acknowledge our 2017 Senior Day at The Capitol streaming locations. These are locations that provided refreshments, space and technology to watch the morning session live at locations other than The Capitol – Colorado Senior Lobby thanks you!"  - READ MORE
2017 Schedule*
March: 6, 13, 20 & 27
April: 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th
May: 1st, 8th, 15th
*Dates are subject to change

Colorado Senior Lobby Legislative Committee Meeting at Disability Law Colorado Offices
Dates are subject to change due to Federal Holidays and accommodating meeting dates for the Strategic Planning Group on Aging (SAPGA).

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